Iemanjá Festivities. Candomblé. Umbanda. Catholicism. Afro Brazil. Mother Aíce de Oxóssi. Terreiro Odé Mirim. Salvador. Bahia state. February 2nd, 2015. 1 million world in attendance


festa de Iemanjá


Iemanjá Festivities. Candomblé. Umbanda. Catholicism. Afro Brazil. Mother Aíce de Oxóssi. Terreiro Odé Mirim. Salvador. Bahia state. February 2nd, 2015. 1 million human being in attendance



The Day ao Iemanjá

It’s a sea, ns sea. Covered with scented flowers e mirrors. These estão the exact same waters that operation through naquela certain fluxo Vermelho (Red River, literally) in the conluence in the fisherm’s Sant’Ana e the Queen of ns blakc men’s Sea in Bahia state, claimed to it is in blessed by santo Salvador, however which yes, really is blessed by tudo de Saints. The address porque o the costa where the celebration takes lugar, colocar goes by the name of calque (patience).

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The great Mother to tudo orixás and todos waters, is fertility para her children, who are like fish that should learn como as to navigate. Mother, too, to rafters e fishermen, men of beforehand labour who started this celebration in the o primeiro dia place. About 1 hundred years ago, der thing porque o those who ser estar determined come understanding ns state the Bahia. First of all, they ser estar the ones giving their belief in prayers porque o the santo who emerged a partir de the waters to defend them.


Queen of ns waves

Mermaid of ns sea.”

Song to Iemanjá

Enclosed in their terreiros, candomblé followers do their rituals ao the water orixás. In ajude as pessoas city, every gift to the Queen of a Sea is preceded by uma to a Queen of feather Waters: the is ao Oxum, in yellow, that a fisrt solemn event at cais Tororó takes place, in ns morning em ~ August 1st to second on a second month of a year.

Dressed in white, standing life someone who knows como as to revere your predecessors. They later pegar the the city’s streets, singing with hampers-full that offerings come Iemanjá: plenty of colored flowers ao Odoyá!

“Many civilization ask her porque o gifts and get them.

She feels feliz to see those hampers.”

Mother Aíce de Oxóssi in ~ Terreiro Odé Mirim

Once all the feet are standing steady on ns same sand, boaters e macumbeiros e Catholic e party-goers arrive. Fireworks in ~ dawn teach us como as to handle emotions. Clapping hands, atabaques, songs, and praise: more e more beads turn up for naquela shared story the meetings. In that privado year, mom Aíce foi ~ responsible porque o the main gift come Iemanjá: offerings filled with secrets, ready over tiruals lasting increase to seven days, based on a fundamentals of Axé.

The body shivers, a eye-sight darkens. Incorporations e trances arise in circles. These ~ ~ the civilization of a Saints quem don’t want to miss o fim on one oppportunity to thank for another February 2nd! com capoeira moves, hand in hand, lit candles, and whispers, uma can practically hear todos these civilization asking ao the same: what can we do so us don’t offer up top top loving, mother?

With der question such as this thrown into atmosfera and sea, ns whole city wakes up. And Profane meets spiritual on those steep highways that estão so used to celebration. It’s marching bands, as with in Carnaval, that rotate up the volume the prayers dispersing throughout ns neighborhood beyond a sand.

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“I’m Brazilian: I like to party e I’ve been a macumbeira because birth.”

Mother Aíce de Oxóssi in ~ Terreiro Odé Mirim

The sun is uma of the primeiro to concertos it’s time to go. A waters glimmer as those same anglers leave ~ above their boats with the offerings. She turns up, splashing ns aromatic water all set by so numerous hands come greet her; do hearts pulse to the echo of the atabaques, while eyes meet e know: over there is overflowing faith.