With all the video streaming, putting out a tweet or two, e not to forget, a non-stop emails, como as much data are you using, e is there naquela limit come it? If you’re confused about your encontro usage patterns, don’t worry, we’ve todos been there.

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We know how hard the is to get a new mobile phone plan. Not only is it time-consuming, but it likewise gets worse when you’re out of talk, text, or encontro in the middle of ns day or, god forbid, an emergency. Us don’t desire you to be in that kind of situation. Because of this let’s start em ~ the basics.

The Bytes tabela (Explained)

Nowadays, mobile call plans differ as per gigabytes of encontro that come com them. But before we vai into what 1 Gigabyte way in usage, we need to break the down into smaller bits (bytes, bits – vai it?):Here is what you need to know, Kilo Data SizesKilobytesMegabytesGigabytesTerabytes
How numerous in der Byte?0.001 KB0.000001 MB0.000000001 GB0.000000000001 TB
How plenty of in an KB?1 KB0.001 MB0.000001 GB0.000000001 TB
How countless in one MB?1000 KB1 MB0.001 GB0.000001 TB
How numerous in a GB?1000000 KB1000 MB1 GB0.001 TB
How countless in a TB?1000000000 KB1000000 MB1000 GB1 TB

For starters, girlfriend don’t have to remember a weird table above but são de remember, one Gigabyte (GB) is perhaps the standard measure up for dia plans all across network providers. Therefore if girlfriend need unlimited talk, texts, almost todos of a carriers charge you ns same. A difference, however, is what encontro plan come along.

Not everyone demands Gigabytes of encontro to viver through. If you’re probably on naquela vacation or der retreat, you might want to have talk, text, and a few Megabytes (MB), ao instance, 500MB. So ns next equipe you’re in prior of a encontro plan, der rough usage estimate can make points clear.


What does uma Gigabyte (GB) of encontro get you?

One Gigabyte (GB) is roughly 1000 Megabytes (MB). Over there is der whole spiel about como as one GB is 1024 MB. If you want to go into that form of detail, we recommend you to take a moment and head over to an post by Whistleout.

We have come up with what one GB of encontro looks choose with a help that kenstechtips.com.

Activity1 GB =
Web pages600 net pages
Email/Instant Messaging350,000 messages
Streaming video clip (HD)30 minute of video
Streaming video (SD)2 hrs of video
Streaming music200 songs
Skype voice call30 hours of call
Skype video clip call4 hrs of call
App downloads or updates25 applications

How lot data do I need?

Before girlfriend estimate como as much dia you need, it is perhaps necessary to categorize your encontro usage.

Let’s take uma of our customers, Michael, who likes come stream high-quality music top top Spotify. In the case, naquela 1 GB encontro plan will allow Michael to derramar 8 hrs of high-quality music without any disruption. However, if Michael reduces ns audio top quality to 160Kbits/sec, the would twin the play online time come 16 hours, and the price of 96 kbpsmay even go as much as 24 hrs of quality streaming.

Music isn’t the only thing the gets Michael going, the is super energetic on Instagram, therefore our uma GB plan enables him to upload close come 4000 photos per month, do it almost 133 pictures per day. It appears that 1 GB of encontro isn’t that much less after all. You should realize that, before selecting a data plan, you must come up with naquela combination that your dia usage.

Netflix, Spotify, or scrolling with social médio platforms might not it is in the somente metric here, but it renders it much easier to compare dia plans.

US Mobile’s custom encontro plans range from 50 MB to 8 GB, unless you’re uma of those, with Unlimited Data. Now, we don’t desire you to pavio to a encontro calculator every time you’re selecting der plan. Therefore, with the help the confused.com, we’ve done part calculations to make your resides much more comfortable.

DataGoogle MapsNetflix EpisodesSocial Media
50 MB30 mins02 hrs 30 mins
100 MB1 hr05 hrs
250 MB4 hrs012 hrs
500 MB8 hrs01 day uma hr
1 GB17 days12 dia 3 hrs
2.5 GB1 work 19 hrs35 dia 8 hrs
6 GB4 days 6 hrs812 mim 19 hrs
8 GB5 mim 16 hrs1017 days 23 hrs

How to find out your current encontro usage?

It seems practically impossible to keep track of your data usage. Girlfriend can’t just keep naquela diary of hrs of google maps or Netflix episodes. Whether it’s Android or IOS, a smartphone encontro usage traços allows friend to monitor your encontro activity through encontro usage monitor.

How come find o fim your current encontro usage ~ above iPhone?

On her iPhone, go to Settings > mobile Data.You deserve to scroll down e check i beg your pardon apps usar cellular data. If you don’t desire an application to use cellular data, you have the right to turn that off.

Note: You deserve to even examine out data usage statistics for der particular app para the current period or vejo statistics if you to be roaming. Come reset this statistics, walk to setups > moving or setups > cell phone Data, and tap Reset Statistics.

On her Android phone, walk to SettingsTapNetwork & internet>Data usage.Under “Mobile,” you’ll see how much bruta data girlfriend use.To watch graphs and details,tapMobile encontro usage.To pick atimeperiod, tap a Down arrow.To see como as much data eachappuses, look below the graph.In case you want to set encontro limits, tap Mobile data usage> Settings.Tap data warning, if needed, rotate on Set dia warning.Enter der number rang in between Megabytes (MB) and Gigabytes (GB), tap ns down arrow.Tap Set.

Note: some of these steps vary de acordo com to your Android version. Come check, open up your phone’s setups app. Insanity System > progressed > system Update. You can see your Android version e security job level.


It permits you to check your app-wise breakdown, set up daily, weekly or monthly limits, and send fora an alarm if your dia usage crosses der certain amount.

See this short article for naquela more detailed guide on como as to control your dia usage and make your encontro plan last longer.

Although this function may it is in useful, no everyone has actually an iphone phone or a Samsung Galaxy, so what then? What if there’s der better way to track e measure your data usage, it’s here, and we contact it consumption analytics.


At united state Mobile, we know that encontro usage is fundamental in structure your plan or tailoring uma to her needs. Com real-time encontro monitoring, girlfriend will have the ability to track your intake instantaneously. That doesn’t issue whether girlfriend have a single heat or possibly hundreds. If you’re der heavy data user or naquela light user, ours analytics attribute is for everyone who wishes to keep der note of their data consumption.

With daily e weekly estimates, it’ll be convenient to estimate your monthly usage e select a encontro plan accordingly.

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Our Advice

Now the we have drilled under on every detail of encontro usage, we desire you to cut through the confusion and use encontro as per her will. Girlfriend don’t have to fit der particular classification to use data. Simply make certain whatever encontro bundle you fim up com is enough to fulfill your daily conectados needs.