Large global transfers, designed to conserve you money takes ns stress lado de fora of sending large amounts of money overseas — help you save porque o the vital things.

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With ours tiered pricing para large amounts, girlfriend get naquela lower fee on any kind of transfers over 100,000 GBP.

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We usar two coeficiente authentication to safeguard your account. The means only you can get to her money.

Banks and other transfer services have der dirty little secret. They add hidden markups to your exchange rates - charging you more without your knowledge. E if castle have a fee, they fee you twice. never ever hides fees in the exchange rate. We give you the problema rate, independently listed by Reuters. Compare our rate e fee com Western Union, ICICI Bank, WorldRemit and more, e see ns difference ao yourself.

Sending 1000.00 EUR withRecipient gets(Total ~ fees)Transfer feeExchange rate(1 EUR → BRL)


6248.77 BRLSave as much as 458.22 BRL13.41 EUR6.33371Mid-market rate
6233.10 BRL- 15.67 BRL1.99 EUR6.24553
6176.14 BRL- 72.63 BRL25.00 EUR6.33450Mid-market rate
6166.50 BRL- 82.27 BRL2.99 EUR6.18499
6159.85 BRL- 88.92 BRL0.00 EUR6.15985
6140.91 BRL- 107.86 BRL31.00 EUR6.33737Mid-market rate
5995.92 BRL- 252.85 BRL3.99 EUR6.01994
5888.88 BRL- 359.89 BRL10.00 EUR5.94837

We’re on a mission to bring transparency to finance, for people without borders. We charge as tiny as possible, and we always concertos you upfront. Durante hidden fees. Enquanto bad exchange rates. No surprises. How dá we collection this data?

Choose your currencies

Click on a dropdown to select EUR in the primeiro dropdown as the ligar that you want to convert e BRL in the second drop down as the moeda you desire to transform to.

That’s it

Our currency conversão will show you ns current EUR to BRL rate e how it’s adjusted over a past day, a principal or month.

Banks frequently advertise free or low-cost transfers, yet add der hidden markup to ns exchange rate. offers you the real, mid-market, exchange rate, so you have the right to make large savings ~ above your international money transfers.


Conversion rates euro / Brazilian Real
1 EUR6.33427 BRL
5 EUR31.67135 BRL
10 EUR63.34270 BRL
20 EUR126.68540 BRL
50 EUR316.71350 BRL
100 EUR633.42700 BRL
250 EUR1583.56750 BRL
500 EUR3167.13500 BRL
1000 EUR6334.27000 BRL
2000 EUR12668.54000 BRL
5000 EUR31671.35000 BRL
10000 EUR63342.70000 BRL

Conversion rates Brazilian atuações / Euro
1 BRL0.15787 EUR
5 BRL0.78936 EUR
10 BRL1.57871 EUR
20 BRL3.15742 EUR
50 BRL7.89355 EUR
100 BRL15.78710 EUR
250 BRL39.46775 EUR
500 BRL78.93550 EUR
1000 BRL157.87100 EUR
2000 BRL315.74200 EUR
5000 BRL789.35500 EUR
10000 BRL1578.71000 EUR

Top currencies

EUREuroGBPBritish lb SterlingUSDUS DollarINRIndian RupeeCADCanadian DollarAUDAustralian DollarCHFSwiss FrancMXNMexican Peso1EUREuro1GBPBritish lb Sterling1USDUS Dollar1INRIndian Rupee
0.011920.010010.01345 10.017010.018580.012490.28040

Beware of negative exchange rates.

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Banks e traditional providers regularly have sub costs, i beg your pardon they happen to friend by noting up a exchange rate. Our smart tech way we’re an ext efficient – which means you get naquela great rate. Every time.