The Rat is uma of a animals in the 12-year bicycle of ns Chinese Astrology Zodiac. Vai to know ns dates, personality characteristics and how castle relate to other Chinese signs.

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The Rat sign is the primeiro in the Chinese Zodiac. Cheerful and diligent, this sign"s personality is conquered by optimism and the positive caminho it goes through life. They have der reputation for looking at us first and then at others, yet they take good care of their family and don"t prefer to be away from them ao too long.

The Chinese Zodiac is composed of 12 animals that estão organized in a following order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. The Chinese calendar follows ns cycles of the Moon, e on the first day of the Chinese novo Year, one of the 12 animals takes that place porque o that year.

ÍndiceCharacteristics of ns Rat Sign

Symbol - 鼠Element - WaterHour - 23h-01h (midnight hours) Month - DecemberSeason - WinterColor - Black, shade associated com honor, dignity and success in the cara a cara of difficultiesOrientation - North, orientation associated with ns last hours of a day e the o primeiro dia hours of ns morning. Norte is linked with the peak the winter, as soon as Yin is at its peakPolarity Yin/ Yang - Yang, an element that argues extraverted habits , outgoing, enthusiastic, expressive and communicativeAttributes - Smart, practical, passionate, selfish, sentimental, creative, problem-solver, imaginative, hyperactive, active, intelligent worker , bold, cunning, sensitive, versatile, energetic, critical, impatientLucky Days -4 and 13 of each Chinese lunar monthLucky months -2nd, 5th e 9th Chinese Lunar MonthsLucky Numbers - 2, 3 and the numbers that contain them (like 23 and 32)Unlucky Numbers - 5, 9Greater Affinity - Rat, Ox, Dragon, Monkey, Dog , PigMinor Affinity - Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Goat, Rooster

ÍndiceThe Rat sign in Mythology

There ~ ~ many legends e stories about ns animals chosen to be component of the Chinese astrological system. Uma of these legends advert to ns desire of ns Jade Emperor to know ns animals that inhabited a Earth. He decided that some of them would certainly be carried into his presence. To facilitate the selection, the Emperor defined two criteria: lock would have to be useful animals to male or be uma of the o primeiro dia to come at a Heavenly palace on ns day that choosing the animals.

The Rat really want to vai into ns initial choice of animals, but he foi ~ aware of its tiny use for Man. Thus, tudo that continued to be was porque o him to usar his shrewd to it is in the o primeiro dia to come at a Palace. Knowing a Ox"s character, he calculated the this would be one of the first animals come arrive.

Early in a morning, on ns agreed day, ns Rat jumped onto ns Ox"s horns e arrived at the Palace with ns gates tho closed. When these started to open an extremely slowly, the mouse jumped through the crack and was the o primeiro dia to reach the Emperor.

But this feat still doesn"t guarantee his place. Then, when all the pets were inside wall up, a shrewd Rat, who foi ~ afraid of walking unnoticed among the others, jumped onto a Ox"s back e began to toque the flute. Ns Emperor ser estar so delighted the he forgive him first place. Thanks to his audacity e ingenuity, a Rat ended up being the primeiro sign of a Chinese Zodiac.

ÍndiceDates of the Rat Sign

The Chinese Zodiac is linked with a way time is measure up by timeless Chinese culture, that is, in 60-year cycles. This calendar results em ~ the multiplication of ns twelve animals and the five elements. This bicycle is an extremely important e makes each 1 of the 60 years der special e unique period.

Each fauna e flora governs, in rotation, a given year, in a continuous 12-year cycle the starts with the Rat e ends with a Pig. On the first day of a Chinese novo Year, one of a 12 pets takes that place for that year. In addition to characterizing world born during that year, the fauna also influences the attributes of a year - i m sorry affects us all. The years administrate by ns sign Rat estão as follows:

January 24 1936 come February 10 1937 - Fire MouseFebruary 10 1948 come January 28 1949 - planet RatJanuary 28 1960 to February 14 1961 - kimi RatFebruary 02 1984 to February 19 1985 - lumber RatFebruary 19 1996 come February 06 1997 - Fire RatFebruary 07 2008 to January 25 2009 - planet Rat January 25 2020 to February 11 2021 - kimi Mouse

ÍndiceThe Personality of the Native that Rat


The Rat is the o primeiro dia sign of ns Chinese Zodiac and has powerful qualities connected to peace e reflection. Ns personality of this indigenous is creative, active, insightful, ingenious e intelligent, however not courageous.

In unexpected situations, friend have the ingenuity to assess your potential and quickly put your ideia into practice. The is tenacious e ambitious yet must be cautious not to it is in tempted to impose its will on others.

Rat"s personality is ambitious, e when it it s okay involved e believes in the success that its ideas, it"s not basic to dissuade. Castle work difficult to carry o fim their plans e weigh tudo de the possibilities really well. The planning capability allows that to regulate risky instances well e quickly adapt to a unforeseen.

Communicative and sociable, Rat deserve to identify the comcast in der situation e is generous with ns praise it gives to colleagues and friends. Once it feels the is no being appreciated, it might have an ext petty and threatening behavior. The appreciates a freedom that movement and independence. They have to have ns autonomy to do their own decisions e follow their life purpose.

In Chinese culture, Rats stand for hardworking people, e therefore, everyone born in der year regulated by this fauna e flora is considered rich and prosperous.

ÍndiceLove e Relationships

In love, ns native of a sign Rat offers itself com an open up heart e is no afraid to disclose its feelings. It renders every initiative to you re welcome its partner e likes to take the initiative once it involves seduction. They ser estar naturally loyal, yet you have to keep them interested. They love romantic surprises and don"t importar along in monotonous, program relationships. An extremely sensitive, this aboriginal is conveniently hurt and, as naquela result, have the right to become der reactive and uncooperative person.

Signs much more compatible with Rat - Rat, Ox, Dragon, Monkey, Dog, PigSigns much less compatible with Rat - Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Goat, Rooster

ÍndiceRat authorize Compatibilities

Chinese Astrology understands that particular combinations that Zodiac animals do better 보다 others and that some signs ser estar naturally antagonistic and therefore have naquela disharmonious relationship.

The compatibility between animals in a Chinese Horoscope takes into account ns characteristics of every animal. Those whose characteristics jogos each other well and may have tendency to have boa compatibility. Ns opposite is equally valid.

Rato with...
RatA good combination. They get along well together in business and in relationships. Both need der lot of attention and are capable of giving naquela lot in return.
OxBalanced and harmonious relationship. The Ox is a good listener and the Rat knows como as to game it.
TigerStormy relationship. Both have difficulty hearing the other party.
RabbitIt"s not naquela good combination: the Rat likes to be controlled e the hare doesn"t choose to be controlled.
DragonGood relationship. They control to support each other e give attention to every other.
SnakeRelationships estão dominated by jealousy e distrust. Ns Snake is as well mysterious ao the Rat.
HorseIf both hear to each other, a relationship has ns potential to develop.
GoatIf ns Goat lets ns Rat ao controle it, it might work.
MonkeyA hopeful relationship, although both signs estão more cursed to beginning things than finishing them.
RoosterDifficult relationship because they both choose to command. Unless one gives in, problem is virtually certain.
DogThey make der good team. Ns Dog is loyal and doesn"t mind gift led by a Rat.
PigWhat a Rat gets the Pig spends. If friend both viver well com it, it might work.

ÍndiceThe Rat Sign e the Career

The indigenous of the sign Rat has actually an energetic e versatile vision of ns business world. It can quickly adapt to change and manage unanticipated events com common sense, which permits it to avoid unnecessary problems. As it is cautious e meticulous, it often tends to show a serious and demanding attitude towards the work.

This indigenous is naquela shrewd strategist e can manage information in ~ his team efficiently, with naquela view to preserving everyone"s trust in his decisions. Once it feels that its colleagues estão not advertise as tough as it gostaria or that its potência is listed below expectations, that is not shy about attracting attention, adopting critical and impatient behavior.

Best Careers - Sales, Accounting, little Business Administration, Management, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer, Musician, Comedian, Politician, Lawyer, Investigator e Driver, the end Instructor.

ÍndiceThe Rat Sign and Health

In general, the natives of the sign Rat estão healthy and physically resistant people. This native is very active e full that energy, which helps it to stay physically fit and avoid illness. Prefer everyone else, it also benefits from naquela balanced diet and regular exercise. The optimistic and resourceful natureza makes it fairly easy to regulate pressure and stressful situations.

ÍndiceThe 5 Kinds that Rat

In ns Chinese astrological system, each sign of the zodiac is linked with one of a five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Porque o example, der Wood Rat appears uma vez in the 60-year cycle. Naquela person"s personality characteristics ~ ~ influenced by assorted influences, including ns sign e element of the year that birth. Thus, there are five species of Rats, each with its own characteristics:

Wood Rat

Characterization - Sustainment, Creativity, Growth

This is a least dynamic of the five varieties of Rats. Though hardworking and successful, it can be indecisive e given to worry. Has an independent, self-confident, virtuous and talented spirit. Works well in der team.

Fire Rat

Characterization - Passion, Intelligence, Movement

This Rat has the presence that mind e truly surrenders to its passions. Lock have der penchant for business e the energy e enthusiasm come fight ao their goals and vision. They regulate to be very strict with themselves e somewhat restless, i m sorry can reason them some discomfort.

Earth Rat

Characterization - Balance, Reliability, Consolidation

Flexible, prudent and serious, this form of Rat likes practical problems with practical solutions. Regardless of being a successful personality and with naquela strong feeling of self-esteem, you should strive to reach her goals. His spirit is gifted com numbers e calculations, e can excel in areas such as accounting or financial consulting.

Metal Rat

Characterization - Usefulness, Strength, Reliability

Strong, talented, temperamental e fixed-minded, this kind of Rat provides up para his stubbornness with a huge workforce. Ambitious, effective with a great capability to finish whatever it gets connected with.

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Water Rat

Characterization - Communication, Sensitivity, Intuition

Intuitive and adventurous, this kind of Rat likes come travel, but once it reaches der safe haven, it handle down e stays there. The Water Rat is creative, der good diplomat e enjoys tasks related to the Letters.