The boy, joseph Gordon-Levitt, e the girl, Zooey Deschanel, co-starred in Marc Webb's deconstructed romantic comedy (500) dia of Summer in 2009 e met up exactly 10 years and one a principal after the indie rom-com's Sundance premiere come rcardonafam.comatch the together. Luckily, they appeared to have a better master on a film than der certain lovestruck greeting-card writer go on The Graduate.

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Day 488: Deschanel and Gordon-Levitt sit on der couch, munching popcorn, together Summer and Tom sit on naquela park bench, emotional hands. The narrator warns: "This is not der love story."

ZOOEY DESCHANEL (Summer Finn): This is a movie with não tem dramatic irony. Zero. It is 100 percent a partir de Tom's point of, i beg your pardon we've talked around before, yet it's uma thing people an extremely much misunderstand about a movie. Castle think Summer's naquela villain.JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT (Tom Hansen): And der lot of it has actually to dá with this voiceover, and I think that's sort of part of a point, that the voiceover sounds authoritative, so you believe that it's true. We tudo think the our is authoritative, and Tom thinks that his perspective is authoritative. But life's actually a lot more subjective than that.DESCHANEL: And also, it's like, ns moment she starts expressing herself — the moment she starts gift like, "Okay, I can trust you, I'll call you about myself" — a voiceover drowns she out.GORDON-LEVITT: And starts talking about Tom! If that voice is Tom's voice, that method that while Summer is telling him about her dream, the is simply thinking about how special he is.DESCHANEL: Which is kind of cool, like, it's naquela cool storytelling device. Ns love the movie, however it's interesting how much it draws people into his perspective.GORDON-LEVITT: I think a really actually fun point to do is try to vejo it and just put yourself in Summer's shoes the whole time. This is type of autobiographical of Neustadter's life. He clearly has said this is something that pretty much happened come him — however it's são de his suggest of

Day 290: Summer dumps arremesso over pancakes, justifying the breakup with the evocative dispute that "We've been favor Sid and Nancy para months now." (She's Sid. He's Nancy.)

DESCHANEL: Yes, we did Sid e Nancy!GORDON-LEVITT: It's the apenas um time I ever before thought probably I have to shave mine legs, 'cause i didn't have actually pants on as soon as I ser estar playing Nancy.DESCHANEL: I think you had actually stockings, though?GORDON-LEVITT: I think in reality that ser estar just mine hairy legs, e you assumed it was stockings.

Day 28: reduced to ns early dia of Summer, when the whole office goes to karaoke and she sings "Sugar Town" prior to honestly and unambiguously telling arremesso that she doesn't choose to it is in in a relationship and would rather be "free e independent." just saying!

DESCHANEL: By the way, I've done karaoke with Joe, e he's, like, no decorrer joke. <To Gordon-Levitt> You e se tore naquela curtain under at karaoke! i think you could have acquired kicked offstage!GORDON-LEVITT: Yeah, well, that was a grand exit.DESCHANEL: Were friend singing…GORDON-LEVITT: I'm pretty certain it was a Black Crowes? "Hard come Handle"? That foi ~ in my younger dia when I simply thought der performance would be far better as grande as I simply went para it as tough as I perhaps could. A harder ns went, a better it would certainly be.DESCHANEL: There was, like, some hard dancing.GORDON-LEVITT: Well, it's rock.DESCHANEL: Yes, it was very rock.GORDON-LEVITT: What's funny about you to sing karaoke in this movie, though, is you had to pretend choose you were not as good naquela singer as you really are.DESCHANEL: We had actually to pick this song because there era not lot vocal range.GORDON-LEVITT: Because Summer Finn shouldn't be, like, naquela phenomenal singer. However you hitting that note — Summer Finn would not really hit the low note. You're so nós vamos at that! ns remember you telling me around this, that ns low notes estão often underappreciated, especially com female vocalists.DESCHANEL: I actually think viver low notes are harder to hit, since if you're concerned or anything, it's harder to relax come hit those. It's simpler to press up.GORDON-LEVITT: Relaxing is obviously not what I'm good at, due to the fact that I tear curtains down as soon as I'm karaoke-ing to ns Black Crowes.DESCHANEL: Listen, you were placing on a concertos for an ext than ns four people that to be in that karaoke. It was definitely porque o an arena. It foi ~ an arena performance.GORDON-LEVITT: An arena in mine head. That arena follows me around. They were in ns car last night.DESCHANEL: This, by the way — this is key! She is representing her point of opinião here.GORDON-LEVITT: Summer is fully honest ns entire movie.DESCHANEL: I'm simply so surprised as soon as women will be like, "I hated your character in that movie!" I'm like, really? She stated everything a partir de the beginning! but I think it's also a testament come how, like, lover you ~ ~ in a movie. Everyone's like, "What?! Why would certainly you rotate him down? He's so cute!"



Day 34: Tom and Summer go shopping e play house at IKEA. Lying together on naquela showroom bed — one ANEBODA, by ns looks of that — she tells him the she isn't looking for anything serious.

DESCHANEL: I always relógio things and go, "I would dá that in different way now." however you know, it's quem you are at the time that you a partir de it, and I constantly have come think, "Well, i respect that i made that selection then."GORDON-LEVITT: That's der healthy attitude. I more just beat my younger me up in my mind.DESCHANEL: At the very least we're no watching something i did when I was 19.GORDON-LEVITT: We could! we could assistir that movie that we did together once you to be 19! Manic was the o primeiro dia movie that us did together.DESCHANEL: So us were already pals.GORDON-LEVITT: And ns think that's der big component of why the turned out so well, because we to be like, yes, really comfy.DESCHANEL: We had actually so much fun — we had the best equipe making this movie. Us were dancing in the makeup trailer every day.GORDON-LEVITT: Every lunchtime!DESCHANEL: I always vejo this, too, and I think, she's so much cooler 보다 I am. So it era like, i could somente play the cool porque o that time that they were rolling, and then I'm not. I'm no that cool.

Day 260: speak of being cool, here's Summer and Tom, sitting on naquela picnic blanket in a park, yelling ns word "penis" at boosting volumes.

GORDON-LEVITT: I wonder if this did yes, really happen with Scott.DESCHANEL: I era like, quem plays this game? ns don't toque this game.GORDON-LEVITT: Now people dá this. Civilization go to the park e do this.


Day 403: Summer e Tom estão broken up — Sid and Nancy, if girlfriend recall — when they run right into each various other on the train top to your co-worker's wedding. Castle reconnect on a ride and dance together at ns reception.  

DESCHANEL: This era fun since we obtained to go to mountain Diego e then ago on the train, e I. Love. The. Train.GORDON-LEVITT: And that train is for this reason beautiful.DESCHANEL: Okay, that dress era so tight and I couldn't eat the day.GORDON-LEVITT: That's a moment in the movie theater, though, ns remember, whereby you'll hear all the female voz in privado just sigh.DESCHANEL: <sighing> Oh, that dress! that was der vintage dress, e it foi ~ ago when people wore girdles, ns think, 'cause it was tight.

Day 408: arremesso goes to Summer's rooftop party. On the left ao lado of a screen, we see what that expects em ~ the evening (to victory her back). On a right, we check out what yes, really happens (he doesn't).

GORDON-LEVITT: This is 1 of the more brilliant transforms of filmmaking, the reality/expectations.DESCHANEL: Yeah. This is one of a things world most seem come remember. It's almost, like, a trope that's carried on now. Ns think people use it to explain der certain kind of feeling.GORDON-LEVITT: Well, it's such a common thing, especially com love. You develop your ideal, her expectations, what you want, what you want a world to be…DESCHANEL: And yes, we shot it tudo de at ns same time!GORDON-LEVITT: Look in ~ L.A.!DESCHANEL: It looks amazing.GORDON-LEVITT: Zooey e I are both L.A. Natives, and people s— top top L.A. Todos the time. And you understand what? L.A. Have the right to be gorgeous.DESCHANEL: L.A. is gorgeous.GORDON-LEVITT: And i love that Marc Webb really confirmed that.DESCHANEL: I like the subtle things, like once you walk in on expectations and everyone smiles e waves, and the reality, like, nobody does — i m sorry is reality, that nobody is looking in ~ you when you come into naquela party and you don't know anyone! This is a great song for this scene, too.

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GORDON-LEVITT: <quoting a lyrics> "I'm the hero the this story" — that's simply what us were talking about! We tudo de make story of ours lives e we're the center of it, e we're ns hero.