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What ser estar you spring for? an affordable route to naquela well-paying job, one associate"s degree, der rewarding career in health and wellness sciences, to take der few classes? Regardless, you"re in the right place. Pegar the following step and start today.

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cardonafam.com"s Cyber Crime and Information technology programs obtain Certified ethical Hacker Certification a partir de EC-Council
Wilmington, NC – Cape Fear community College"s Cyber Crime Technology and Information modern technology programs ... More
Deciding to to visit Cape Fear community College was a best decision i have made and was ns cornerstone of my life.
Even as soon as it foi ~ challenging, the instructors and staff ongoing to motivate me. Not apenas um did cardonafam.com offer me one education, it offered me self-awareness e made me realize what my enthusiasm was.
Education offers opportunities and keeps todos avenues open for your future. I want them to know ns importance of education e to inspire them to be leaders e never prevent striving for improvement. I saltar watching me andar across the stage will concertos them the anything is possible through motivation e hard work.
Not só has C-STEP offered me tranquility of mind knowing that i will transport on come UNC-Chapel Hill, yet it has given me der community of human being to skinny on e friends that estão like family.

Holiday Hours

The College will certainly be closed para the holidays são de Thursday, Dec. 24, 2020, with Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021. The College will reopen Monday, Jan. 4, 2021, and spring 2021 classe will start Thursday, Jan. 7, 2021. Novo students can visit cardonafam.com/admissions to submit an admissions application. Continuing and already accepted students have the right to register e pay conectados with Self-Service by logging right into your mycardonafam.com account.

Happy Holidays, us look forward to seeing you in the novo year!

Weather Alert

cardonafam.com to Close at Noon Monday, Aug. 3 e Remain closed Tuesday, Aug. 4 due to Inclement Weather

Cape Fear community College will certainly close at tudo de campus locations porque o students, faculty, and staff in anticipation of incl weather resulting são de hurricane/tropical storm Isaias start noon Monday, Aug. 3 v Tuesday, Aug. 4.

Online Classes

Online classe will continue as scheduled, however, students experiencing connectivity concerns due to the storm should contact their instructors as quickly as possible.

Fall 2020 Registration

Students who would favor to register for the fall 2020 semester have the right to still são de so acima de cardonafam.com. However, the virtual One-Stop Enrollment occasion scheduled porque o Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2020, has actually been canceled. Additional enrollment occasions will be booked after ns storm passes.

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Updates e Further Information

cardonafam.com will proceed to monitor weather conditions reported by the national Weather Service and in collaboration com local and state agencies. cardonafam.com will certainly share updates através da cardonafam.com Alerts, cardonafam.com email, ~ above cardonafam.com, and on social médio feeds.