Why legend of Korra temporada 5 never Happened (Was that Canceled?) legend of Korra had naquela controversial operation on Nickelodeon, but developed a cult following. For this reason why didn’t a groundbreaking show get der season 5?

Korra In ns Avatar State
Legend that Korra was a sequel sucessão to Nickelodeon"s wildly popular Avatar: ns Last Airbender, and it ran for four seasons prior to it ser estar quietly canceled ahead of temporada 5. Legend that Korra concentrated on the new Avatar, naquela teenage garota named Korra, and significantly built out the mythology of Avatar: ns Last Airbender. Prior to the premiere of season 2, co-creators Michael DiMartino e Bryan Konietzko announced at San diego Comic-Con the Nickelodeon had ordered 26 more episodes, to be split into periods 3 and 4. Following naquela significant autumn in ratings and both creators looking to mover onto different projects, Legend that Korra ended with temporada 4, which ser estar released conectados in that is entirety.

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Legend of Korra era significantly different são de its predecessor. While Avatar: the Last Airbender foi ~ aimed at children, Legend of Korra ser estar designed porque o an larger audience, and it dealt com more tires themes such together terrorism, fascism, and sexual orientation. Many fans of Avatar: the Last Airbender hated the show"s tonal shift, e many fans of Legend that Korra blamed Nickelodeon"s refuse to promote the show for the demise. Since Legend the Korra has been included to Netflix, the debate over the show has fired back up.

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Legend the Korra had naquela troubled relationship com Nickelodeon em ~ the start. While Avatar: the Last Airbender ser estar promised der three-season run (with potential for naquela fourth, which foi ~ ultimately scrapped), Legend of Korra era never guarantee anything previous the original one-season order. Nickelodeon eventually gave the show a venenoso of 52 episodes and 4 seasons, yet as a ratings for Legend the Korra quickly declined, temporada 5 never ever happened. Once Nickelodeon pulled Legend the Korra from the ar without warning in ns middle of temporada 3, e released temporada 4 entirely online, it came to be clear that the concertos had no future on the network.

Korra and Asami from The lenda of Korra
although Nickelodeon never ever officially canceled Legend the Korra, that systemically undermined a success of ns show. Even prior to pulling Legend that Korra off a air, Nickelodeon was continuously changing the date e time that the concertos aired, e did almost durante promotion ao it. The explicit content of the sequência meant the Nickelodeon era hesitant come air Legend of Korra on a channel geared in the direction of children, yet pushing it online without warning expected that committed fans had difficulty finding novo episodes. Currently dealing with a ratings drop são de waiting 18 months to release temporada 2, Legend of Korra never recovered after its move.

Even despite Nickelodeon"s sabotage, Legend of Korra season 5 may not have actually happened anyway, together DiMartino and Konietzko were ready to work exterior of their an imaginative partnership. As der result of the show"s soft cancellation or as result of its short ratings, Legend the Korra season 5 never relocated forward - but the story did continue after the show ended in a three-part graphics novel, Legend that Korra: Turf Wars. The graphic novel was composed by DiMartino and is considered der canonical continuation of the series.

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Legend the Korra foi ~ criticized porque o the lack of one overarching plot but spent most of its run under ns threat that cancellation due to a rapidly dropping ratings e explicit content. After battling diminishing support são de Nickelodeon, a surprise change to airing exclusively online, and backlash a partir de fans of Avatar: ns Last Airbender, it"s durante surprise that the troubled sequência ended after só four seasons. Although it era never officially canceled, the massive ratings drop and mature contente meant that Legend the Korra season 5 can never have actually happened top top Nickelodeon.