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For 4 fortnights I"ve got away from my citadelForaging woodlands 5 steps in lengthFortitude discovered within forty ounce bottlesFlowing like flies from your faceFrom your faceAnd my neighborhoodIt"s been loaded border with black catsAnd when I go driving they go through my course all the timeEvery timeFirst we were children, we"re birth and also dyingThen we were youngsters, we were playing and also cryingAnd then we were young adults we were cigarette smoking as well as fuckingBut currently we"re all matured as well as we"re regretfully sighingLiking, mud larking, as well as licking our woundsWe"ve produced by existing and also starving to ourselves as well as to othersWe"re unfortunately sighingAnd I"d like to be a huge round of meatThat "s can hum about and also consume when I dieSo that I might be approved one feeling of objective

Verses drawn from/ lyrics/a/andrew _ jackson_jihad/ a_song_dedicated_to_the_memory_of_stormy_the_rabbit. html

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