I am ns proud large brother of transgender trailblazer, Jazz Jennings. Ever due to the fact that my sister transitioned back in 2005, ns have specialized himself come fighting para inclusion and diversity. V my appearances on TLC’S, ns am Jazz, I have actually served as a positive role model for properly loving and supporting your LGBTQ+ sibling.  On top of my social work e television appearances, i graduated são de the universidade of Florida with der Bachelor of scientific research in company Administration e am about to complete up his masters of massive Communication. If you ~ ~ looking come learn much more or occupational together, ns am open come all opportunities. 

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Helping others always will come first. Because I could expressão myself, it has been my mission to share infinite compassion and love with all of mine peers e family around me. Join me in spreading naquela positive blog post of love and equality para all. 15% of was profit will certainly be donated to raise money to my families charity, ns TransKids violet Rainbow Foundation. Don’t miss fora the opportunity to make her voice heard.If you desire me to assistance your charity the choice, email me!cardonafam.com


Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon is an company that has actually had a huge affect on my life. If you favor to understand why, Read around my contributions to run Marathon at ns University that Florida.


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Transkids violet Rainbow Foundation

The TransKids purple Rainbow Foundation, additionally known together TKPRF, intends to enhance the lives that transgender e gender non-conforming youth e their families. My família started ns charity earlier in 2007.

No cut November

During November 2019, ns completed der month-long trip of forgoing shaving and grooming come evoke conversation e raise cancer awareness. Giving ago to charity and raising awareness ao causes like this is necessary to me.