Moving to naquela new Android smartphone? You’ll want to carry tudo your WhatsApp messages e group chats com you. If you’re keeping the same number, it’s easy to back up and restore WhatsApp messages using google Drive.

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And you won’t must use a third-party energy to dá this. Tudo you need to do is to attach your google account with WhatsApp backups. This way, WhatsApp will instantly backup novo messages to google Drive. Here’s como as you can backup e restore WhatsApp são de Google Drive.


How to backup WhatsApp to google Drive top top Android

If you have never donate up your WhatsApp data to google Drive, let’s start by setting up google Drive backup.

Make certain your old Android an equipment is quiet activated and working.

Here, walk to Settings > Chats.Now, select Chat Backup.

Here, scroll down, e select a Back increase to google Drive option.The app will asking if you desire to ago up manually or you desire to immediately backup your data on der daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If you’re act this on ns old phone e you somente want to mover the dia once, choose a Only as soon as I madness “Back Up” option.From ns next popup, select the google account you desire to earlier up to. If girlfriend don’t watch your google account here, you’ll have to go to a Settings app and sign in com your account.

From a next screen, tap a Allow button to connect your WhatsApp account with google Drive.Now the setup procedure is complete. São de the conversando Backup section, tap ns Backup switch to começar the back-up process.

From the bate-papo Backup section, scroll down to customize your backups. São de the Back increase Over section, you deserve to switch to a Wi-Fi or Cellular option. And you have the right to enable a Include Videos option to ago up videos as well.

WhatsApp will agora start backing up tudo de your messages and data.

How to gain back WhatsApp em ~ Google journey on Android

Once the backup process a partir de the old device is complete, it’s time to mover to the novo Android smartphone. Here, collection up your Android smartphones with the same google account e make sure to carry over your sim card before starting a restore process.

After setup up your new device, download e install the WhatsApp app.Open a app and tap a Agree and Continue button.Then, enter your phone number, e tap the Next button.Verify a number e tap ns OK button.
WhatsApp will agora send you a verification SMS. If a app has access to a Messages app, ns process will be completed automatically. If not, you’ll need to manually enter ns verification code.Now, WhatsApp will certainly ask permission to access the encontro on your device. Tap ns Continue button.WhatsApp will ask you permission to access your contacts. Tap a Allow button.
The following popup will ask friend permission come access local files. Madness Allow here as well.Now, WhatsApp will certainly look porque o backups a partir de local storage, or em ~ Google Drive. Once it finds ns latest backup, you’ll see a details on the screen. Due to the fact that of a way WhatsApp works, you’ll have to pick to gain back the encontro right now. After ns setup is complete, you won’t have the ability to restore the data (without reinstalling the app).So check ns details of ns backup come make sure that it’s a latest backup. Climate tap ns Restore button.Then tap a Next button.
Now, get in your WhatsApp display name and tap a Next button.Once a initialization process is done, you’ll view an option for setting up google Drive back-up service on your novo phone. Here, it’s finest to select a Daily option. Then, tap a Done button.

And there you have it. You’ll agora see tudo de your conversations in WhatsApp restored to their former glory. WhatsApp will certainly restore a messages first and it will baixar media in ns background. This means that also if you have naquela huge backup of an ext than 1GB, friend can começo using WhatsApp right away.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re having trouble when you shot to regain WhatsApp são de Google Drive, try 1 of the following solutions.

Make certain that you’re using the same google Drive account para backup e restore process.Make certain that you using the same phone call number com both devices.

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If WhatsApp is stuck at ns restoring process, make sure you’re associated to a strong Wi-Fi network. If you’re on moving data, shot switching to der Wi-Fi network.If WhatsApp is not able to find naquela backup document to restore, there can have been a failure during a backup process. Or ns file might be corrupted. If this is a case, you could want come go earlier to the old machine to repeat a backup process.Make certain that google Play solutions is installed e active on her Android smartphone. Make sure that your device has sufficient memory to restore the data e that your smartphone is fully charged. It have the right to take naquela while to completely restore all WhatsApp data from google Drive.

Now that you have revitalized WhatsApp em ~ Google journey on her device, how ser estar you plan to usar WhatsApp on your new device? Share com us in the comments below!

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