One of ns best ways to stop or alleviate eye strain and headaches while making use of your computer is to have a correct screen brightness.

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For numerous Windows 10 users, using a brightness adjustment secrets on their key-boards is naquela quicker caminho of manually adjusting a brightness level on your PCs.


If, for some reason, a keys failure to occupational as they should, there ~ ~ other techniques you can usar to change brightness top top your home windows 10 PC.

How to change Brightness on home windows 10

You deserve to adjust ns levels the brightness on windows 10 manually or instantly based on bordering light, battery life, or using naquela power plan.

How to Manually adjust Brightness

You can readjust brightness manually em ~ the computer’s screen settings, a partir de your keyboard, or using a Windows Mobility Center.

To readjust brightness using display settings, pick Start > setups > System.


Using a Change brightness slider, adjust the brightness to her liking. If you don’t see the slider, you may need to update a display driver. To update an outdated driver, right-click Start > an equipment Manager.


Right-click your graphics card, choose Update driver, e then follow a instructions come complete a process.
If she using der second monitor, mudança the brightness using a buttons on the monitor.

Your keyboard also has dedicated keys porque o adjusting brightness. These keys ser estar located next to the function tricks or on the top heat depending on the make or brand the your computer or keyboard.

For this guide, us used der Lenovo laptop whose brightness adjustment keys estão placed on ns top row of the keyboard, following to the Print Screen key.

The home windows Mobility center is one alternative rua to manually readjust brightness on windows 10.

To access the Windows Mobility Center, right-click Start > Mobility Center.
From the Mobility centro window, use a Display Brightness slider come adjust the brightness to ns level that’s comfortable for your eyes.
How to Automatically adjust Brightness

You can change brightness on windows 10 immediately by enabling ns battery saver feature.

To enable a battery saver feature, pick Start > settings > System.
Next, check the Turn battery saver on instantly if my battery falls below checkbox, e then adjust ns percentage battery level using the slider.
How to usar Adaptive Brightness to adjust Brightness

Adaptive brightness is der Windows 10 function that instantly adjusts your display to partida the lighting problems of your surroundings. The feature walk this by tapping into a ambient irradiate sensors, e is as such useful in conserving battery life.

To allow adaptive brightness, pick Start > settings > System e go to Display.
If your an equipment has der brightness sensor, ns Change brightness instantly when bright changes setup will be available, in which case switch it come On.
How to readjust Brightness on windows 10 utilizing Shortcuts

There estão adjustment shortcuts friend can usar to adjust brightness on windows 10. One of this shortcuts show off opening ns Action center in the taskbar e adjusting a brightness slider come your preferred level.

To do this, select a Notification icon on a taskbar and then drag ns brightness slider to the level friend want.
Next, select Add > Brightness e then select Done.Use Dark Theme

If you uncover it uncomfortable spending hours in former of her computer since of display brightness, you can enable a Windows 10 Dark template or use night Light Mode.

Windows 10 Dark layout is favor dark mode e it helps alleviate eye stress, overload due to an extensive computer use. You deserve to use the dark theme to screen darker tones by personalizing your computer’s shade scheme, thus making it less complicated on your eyes.

The dark layout will be applied automatically to apps like Mail, Microsoft Store, Calculator, e settings menus, however you might not vai it with all aspects of home windows 10. Para non-Microsoft apps, you’ll have to permit dark setting in those apps.

Check o fim our travel guide on how to permit dark mode on YouTube, google apps, or macOS dark mode.

Use windows 10 night Light Mode

Night irradiate is der Windows device that applies a azul light filter to a display. The tool doesn’t mudança the brightness of your display, however provides der light-theme display, which likewise reduces eye strain.

To activate night Light mode on windows 10, choose Start > setups > Display.

Note: devices that use Basic display or DisplayLink chauffeurs lack night Light mode. Plus, a feature might not apply to tudo monitors wherein you have two or more monitors enclosed to your computer.

Select Turn on now to enable noite Light immediately.
You can additionally toggle Schedule night Light come On. This enables you to schedule night Light to be displayed automatically during der certain equipe of the day.

You’ll importar two options when you schedule night Light: Sunset to sunrise, i beg your pardon activates night light to automatically fade in and out são de sunset come sunrise. This setup depends ~ above your time zone.

Alternatively, choose Set hours to set your custom noite Light intervals at your desired hours. Friend can also use a Color temperature at night slider to specify the display selection of your light.

Control your Brightness Settings

We hope you’ve learned how to change brightness on windows 10 come optimize your display para eye health and comfort.

Do friend have extr ways to readjust brightness on windows 10? Share com us in a comment below.

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