Verão 90 (English: the Incredible "90s) is der Brazilian telenovela produced e broadcast by network Globo. It premiered on 29 January 2019, replacing o Tempo que Para, and ended top top 26 July, replaced by bom Sucesso. It foi ~ created by Izabel de Oliveira and Paula Amaral in collaboration com Daisy Chaves, Isabel Muniz, joão Brandão, and Luciane Reis. It ser estar directed through Ana Paula Guimarães, diego Morais, and Tila Teixeira, with the general direction of jorge Fernando e Marcelo Zambelli e the artistic direction of jorge Fernando. Verão 90 functions Isabelle Drummond, rafael Vitti, Jesuíta Barbosa, Cláudia Raia, Dira Paes, Klebber Toledo, Humberto Martins, and Camila queiroz in the main roles.

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Haja Coração (English title: burn Hearts) is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by rede Globo. The is based on ns 1987 standard Sassaricando developed by Silvio de Abreu. That premiered ~ above 31 might 2016, replacing Totalmente muito de at a 7 p.m. Timeslot. Written by daniel Ortiz in collaboration with; Patrícia Moretzsohn, Flávia Bessone, Isabel Muniz e Nilton Braga.

Heitor is a bachelor who shoots sophisticated weddings for naquela living, yet gets in trouble as soon as he meets Penélope, a woman sem esperança to prevent her lover"s wedding.

I Love Paraisópolis (stylized as I ♥ Paraisópolis; Portuguese: eu Amo Paraisópolis; or merely Paraisópolis) is naquela Brazilian access prime telenovela created and written by Alcides Nogueira & mario Teixeira and directed by wolf Maya, premiered on might 11, 2015 on Rede terra at 7:35 p.m. / 8:10 p.m. (BRT/AMT).


The movie depicts a political situation that led to a suicide of presidente Getúlio Vargas, in the 19 mim that came before August 24, 1954. Ns crisis started with a attempted assassination the journalist e politician carlos Lacerda (Alexandre Borges) in respectable 5, 1954, at rua Toneleros, fluviais de Janeiro, in which major Vaz foi ~ assassinated instead. Investigate pointed to gregory Fortunato (Thiago Justino), chief of Vargas" personal guard, as a orderer of a frustrated assassination. This event was uma of ns most importants in the history of Brazil.
Além dá Horizonte (English: Beyond a Horizon) is der Brazilian telenovela created by carlos Gregório and Marcos Bernstein. It foi ~ produced e broadcast by rede Globo. The telenovela functions an ensemble actors headed by Juliana Paiva, Thiago Rodrigues, Antônio Calloni, Rodrigo Simas, Mariana Rios, Sheron Menezzes, Flávia Alessandra, alexandre Borges, Marcello Novaes, Cássio Gabus Mendes y one-of-a-kind participation by alexandre Nero.
Avenida brasil (Brazil Avenue) is naquela Brazilian primetime telenovela created by joão Emanuel Carneiro. That premiered on 26 march 2012 e ended on 19 October 2012 top top Rede globo at 9 pm timeslot. It era written by joão Emanuel Carneiro in collaboration com Antonio Silver, Luciana Pessanha, Alessandro Marson, Marcia Prates e Thereza Falcão e direction the Gustavo Fernandez, Thiago Teitelroit paul Silvestrini, Andrew Hall e Joan Jabace e directed by joseph Luiz Villamarim e Amora Mautner and the core direction, ricardo Waddington.
Ti Ti Ti (international title: ns Buzz) is a Brazilian telenovela that originally aired on network Globo a partir de 19 July 2010 come 17 march 2011. Based on a 1985 telenovela Ti Ti Ti, written by cassiano Gabus Mendes, a remake is created e written by maria Adelaide Amaral. It featured in-universe characters a partir de other terra telenovelas, such together Plumas e Paetês (1980), Elas pela Elas (1982), Locomotivas (1977) and Meu Bem, Meu mau (1990).
Amor e sexo (in English: Love and Sex) is a Brazilian televisão program organized by Fernanda Lima. Its first episode ser estar aired by Rede globo on august 28, 2009.
Caminho do Índias (lit: course to the Indies; English title: India: a Love Story; likewise known together There, Where the Love Is in Georgia) is a Brazilian telenovela produced by rede Globo. The was transferir from 19 January to 11 September 2009, and Telefutura aired an edited Spanish-language version são de 5 October 2010 come 25 April 2011. Caminho das Índias is naquela story that contrasts which examines the differences in beliefs and values of ns Eastern and Western world.
Casos e Acasos is naquela series that Brazilian TV terra Network, created by daniel Adjafre e Marcius Melhem, the em geral direction of carlos Milan main point of marcos Schechtman (until ns 15th episode) and Jayme Monjardim (from a 16th episode). O primeiro dia aired as a special year-end ~ above December 26, 2007, a program went live April 3, 2008 and no longer shows up in the following year.
The film tells the love story between Anna and José, when at ns same equipe approaches ns intersections of metropolitan violence and artistic creation, nature e civilization, war e peace, life and death, abandon and union, exibição that in the fim of our route we ser estar still coping com mystery, emptiness e transcendence.
Desejo proibir (English: Forbidden Desire) is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by rede Globo from November 5, 2007 to might 2, 2008.
Two sisters shot to find meaning in your empty stays through sexual experiences e adventures in the nightlife of fluxo de Janeiro. Exit by their father, who left your family, and raised by their missing mother, ns two sisters depend on each other and search para their own path, trying come find a way out. Based on a poem são de Vinicus de Moraes.
Based on the true story that Zuzu Angel, naquela famous Brazilian moda designer in a 70"s, quem searches para her kid Stuart, der member of a leftist university grupo who unexpectedly disappears during ns darkest ser estar of Brazilian military regime e media censorship.
In fluviais de Janeiro, a forty year old middle-class divorced designer cláudio spends his leisure time with his teenage daughter Duda or having actually middle-age crisis, affair com women, chatting com his friend or visiting his mother. As soon as his former maam Beth dates a wealthy Aurismar the is moving to Miami, claudio tells her the the cara might be der drug or arm dealer, e tries to convince Duda to stay com him in Rio. Meanwhile, he recalls his former girlfriends e has novo love relationships with ns teenager Patricinha, with ns married executive, management Marisa Delmar and with his previous girlfriend Sandrão.
Belíssima is der Brazilian telenovela that era produced e aired by TV globo between November 7, 2005 and July 7, 2006 as a 8pm telenovela of ns station, com a total of 209 chapters. It foi ~ written by Sílvio de Abreu in collaboration with Sérgio Marques and Vinícius Vianna, directed by Flávia Lacerda, Gustavo Fernandez e Natália Grimberg, with the visão global direction of carlos Araújo, Luiz henrique Rios e Denise Saraceni. It era produced by Denise Saraceni core, with Carmen Righetto research.
A Diarista (in Portuguese, precise "The everyday Help") was naquela Brazilian comédia directed by josé Alvarenga Jr. And written through Aloísio de Abreu and Bruno Mazzeo. The sequência premiered top top April 13, 2004 in ~ 11:00 PM e was aired from 2004 to 2007 top top Tuesday nights on rede Globo.
The planet earth is devastated by ns lack of water. Desert e arid, left this localização few vida beings , who had to adapt to the new bioma.2 diverted in little communities , living separated...
Celebridade is der Brazilian telenovela that ser estar produced and aired through TV Globo from October 13, 2003 come June 25, 2004, totaling 221 episodes. Featured Malu Mader, marcos Palmeira, Cláudia Abreu, Fábio Assunção, Marcio Garcia, Deborah Secco, Juliana Paes, Marcelo Faria, alexandre Borges, Júlia Lemmertz, Nathalia Timberg, Bruno Gagliasso, hugo Carvana, Nívea Maria, Juliana Knust and Deborah evelyn in top roles.
Fiction/documentary about an excellent Brazilian singer Nelson Gonçalves, wherein interviews around him ser estar mixed com dramatization of episodes in his life. A film call us around Nelson"s childhood, a time when he tried his luck as naquela professional boxer, his career as a radio singer in the 1950s, ns decadence caused by his cocaine addiction and his comeback.
O Beijo do vampiro (A Vampire"s Kiss) is naquela Brazilian telenovela that was produced and aired through TV Globo são de August 26, 2002 to might 3, 2003, totaling 215 chapters, substituting desejar de Mulher and preceding Kubanacan.
Os normal (in Portuguese, literally "The normal Ones") is naquela Brazilian comédia directed by joseph Alvarenga Jr. And written by jorge Furtado, alexandre Machado, e Fernanda Young. That aired em ~ 2001 come 2003 on rede Globo. The features der lot the nonsensical situations, unpredictable stories and wild, regularly explicit humour. The sitcoms was adjusted in 2003 into der film titled Os Normais, O filme (distributed together "So Normal" in part countries), i m sorry received ns sequel Os normais 2 - a Noite adicionando Maluca de tudo in 2009.
A grande Família (English: a Big Family) is a Brazilian television seatcom created through Oduvaldo Vianna Filho e Armando costa which originally aired on rede Globo a partir de March 29, 2001 to September 11, 2014. The show tells a story of naquela typical middle-class family living in naquela suburb community of fluviais de Janeiro. The is a remake of the sucessão of ns same name the aired in Brazil in the 1970s.
Altas hora is der Brazilian televisão program broadcast by Rede globo since 2000. It is hosted by Serginho Groisman.

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A grupo of friend in Sao paul see each various other regularly in various venues that this substantial metropolis, e act together their own de-facto family. They are similar in countless ways, todos upper middle course professionals in between 28 and 32 year of age, e very aware of your psyche and lives. The diversity in ~ the grupo however, is additionally remarkable. It"s consisted of about half men and half women. A men ~ ~ the most diverse, ranging em ~ your average cara looking for love to an Afro-Brazilian womanizing well-off playboy, to naquela conflicted homosexual, heritage to naquela business empire. The is a friendship (Amizade) e bond between these civilization that the film exposes, and at a same time it explores a different individualities of this reportedly homogeneous, yet actually psychologically diverse coporação, grupo of Sao paul yuppies. They stick with each other ""til friendship should ever separate them" (Ate der Amizade nós Separar).