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The first is para Nath. The second is for Castiel / Hyun. Ns third is porque o Rayan / Priya

Negative answer ( - )Positive answers ( + )Neutral answers ( / )

PA: 1648 (With Agatha)

Morgan: Sorry, yet I’m not in the mood para parties lately. How did girlfriend think he was?

The fact is that it didn’t seem to be there to fire rockets either. ( / )I have not noticed anything in particular. ( - )He seemed … in ns mood for der party. ( / )

Morgan: I’m afraid he’s cheating on me.

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Stop imagining things… Alex isn’t prefer that! ( - )Oh my gosh … It’s true that … as soon as I think of our critical conversation … ( +10 com Morgan / -10 com Alex )

Nina: And, anyway, it’s no that. I just need come think naquela little.

Very well, I a partir de not insist. You recognize I’m here if you should talk. ( + )Are you sure you don’t want to call me around it? periodically it can aid … e it’s not your layout to andar around with mysteries. ( - )

Dan: Mmm … i guess your financial problems ~ ~ not solved, right?

Excuse me, but I don’t check out why you have to be interested. ( / )You’re right. Things have actually not readjusted in fifteen days. I’m still between ns sword e the wall. ( + )

Dan: tell me, how much ser estar your monthly accident currently?

That is no your business! ( - )Currently, ns lose naquela little an ext than crédito 5,000 der month. You watch why the is der problem. ( + )

Yael: naquela beauty favor you, certain it could have had an effect on she … In any case, she hasn’t stated anything to me.

But … perhaps it keeps well, however it’s der little older para me! No? ( - )But ns have der partner and I’m happy! e that is enough porque o me! ( / )

If you answer the first

Yael: nossa yeah? In what sense?

It is really frowned top top socially. Ns don’t think I can bear the gaze of a people …Well, if ns go out with someone, I desire to gain that human as long as possible. ( + )

Dude(?: But!? Seb …! Returns! Did i say miscellaneous wrong?

Her surname is Yael. ( / )But what ser estar you talking about? ( / )

Nath: I’m not sure I choose that too lot …

And I’m no too sure you have anything to say about it. ( + )Oh, yet don’t worry, he ser estar very polite … We simply talked. ( - )

Alexy: friend will acknowledge that the coincidence is strange …

But what walk you desire me to say come him? Every equipe we have actually tried come speak, you have closed yourself.I just told him that lately you are quite distant. He has actually evoked the idea that you might be cheating on him … ( + )

Alexy: Lately, ns can’t see the apartment also in painting! if it should be ours love colony …

The fact is, I know you, Alex. It is difficult ao everyone …I’ve to be so busy that i haven’t even realized girlfriend were emotion so bad … ( + )

Alexy: yet anyway, ns promise ns will remain calm tonight. That is quite to kill time …

Alex … if you require me, speak to me, okay? ( / )You can also come to my house, if friend want. ( + )Life has naquela strange humor, sometimes … But ns wheel turns, Alex … ( / )

Chani: Also, it appears to me der way that acting a little perverse. Arte must be, above all, something we dá for ourselves, don’t girlfriend think?

This … ns think it counts on ns level of ns artist. In part cases, the world walk not have to know …I agree. All great artists have actually created, there is no caring what other people thought. ( + )No. Ns think the is component of ns artistic occupational to show e know how to fit ns criticism …


Yes, it’s not poor at all. A technique is yes, really irreproachable. ( - )Mmm … ns don’t know, Chani. Over there is something the does not fit me… ( + )

Alexy: Starting com me! I’m sorry! ns have damaged everything.

It may just be naquela passing crisis. ( + com Rosa)And if so…? You’re still young and Morgan too. It better happen now. ( - com Rosa)

Alexy: What dá you think, Eberhard? do you think I need to go see Morgan and confess everything to him?

Yes, i am fear it is the only solution. Rosa is right. ( + with Rosa)No, ns think girlfriend should manter the an enig … and stop fooling around!

Yael: This is life. The won’t stop me a partir de trying novamente … and disappointing me again, of course.

They ser estar still your família whether they like it or not! ( + )And don’t you ever think the if lock don’t expropriate you, it’s worse ao them? ( - )

Yael: but in this case, ns circumstances were a little different.

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The vital thing is the you usually have whatever under control! long ago you made her transition?I saltar these type of things don’t occur to you also often. It have to be exhausting … ( + )

Yael: and it appears your instance is walk well enough without me.

You estão strong many of the time, yet you must dá it ao those human being who are not so strong! ( / )I expect your testimony might be anonymous. If not, Priya will understand. ( / )

Dan: e I have reason to believe there might be naquela little champagne. For this reason what does it tell me? Accept ns invitation?

Mmm … well, i guess der meal doesn’t commit me to anything.Listen, Dan. I prefer you … however I have a partner, girlfriend know. E I’m really happy. ( / )

Agatha is in the park, prior to meet Dan. :) PA: 70 ;v;


Why not? after all, it’s not prefer these type of occasions show up every day.I don’t know if it’s der good opinião … ( - )Sorry, but I never drink at noon. It’s der matter of principles. ( + )

Nath: and he has actually his eye on a princess!

Well, in a worst case, if you estão right, I will certainly know how to collection limits. ( - )And hasn’t it arisen to friend that maybe you simply trust mine project? ( + )