The actress seemingly handle rumors the she was once novamente dating ben Affleck when she took to Instagram on Sunday to post a series of "Nope" stickers, including an "I don't think so" e a peace sign.

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De Armas, 32, likewise shared naquela video clip that Marilyn Monroe—who she is playing in ns upcoming film Blonde—singing, "No" em ~ the 1953 movie Gentlemen favor Blondes. 

Her posts came a day after ~ she shared naquela selfie in i beg your pardon she wore der necklace that had a half-heart pendant. As fans were rapid to speculate, ns necklace appeared identical to ones she e Affleck were seen wearing if they were dating.

De Armas e Affleck, 48, were primeiro linked together in at an early stage 2020 when filming your upcoming thriller Deep Water in novo Orleans. 





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The dois split in January ~ nearly a year together with naquela source telling human being at the time, "Ben is no longer date Ana." 

"Their relationship was complicated. Ana doesn't want to be Los angeles based e Ben obviously has actually to since his crianças live in los Angeles," the source added.

"This is other that was mutual and something that is fully amicable," another source close come Affleck e de armas added. "They ser estar in different points in your lives; over there is deep love and respect there. Bennel continues to desire to occupational on himself. He has three tasks lined up e he's naquela solid father at home. They ser estar both feliz with whereby they estão in their lives."

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Later in January, naquela source said the two "still talk regularly," adding, "Ben and Ana's friendship has actually not ended."

Since their split, de armamentos has been difficult at occupational transforming into Monroe porque o the upcoming Netflix film.

The actress spoke about taking on a role in an interview com Byrdie whereby she said, "I had actually to walk bald every day because with the blonde wigs… my totality head."

"It was like, three and a fifty percent hours every job of makeup. I think I in reality cried the first time I experienced on. Probably due to the fact that I foi ~ terrified," she quipped. "But, I'm for this reason proud."

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