It was a year 2005 as soon as Ana Paula padrão surprised everyone by leaving a presentation of jornal da Globo, to revive SBT’s journalism, then thrown come death. Due to the fact that those days, the current referents of “Masterchef Brasil”, presented by the Band, has actually never stepped pé in the empresa of the marinhos family, a quickly broken der few days ago come record the program “Que história é Essa, Porchat? “.

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The versão was aired this Tuesday (3) on ns GNT channel. Ana Paula recounted a vibrator, there is no naming a object, uncovered at the pagina inicial of der friend quem rented her a renovated apartment as soon as she left ao the critical time. Reasoning of his friend’s business, the left ns attenuation to certain things a partir de the homeowner, which ns owner’s mom would pick up 1 day without him.

The friend̵
7;s mom took everything, yet left there the “cute” black color velvet bag, the contents that which to be left unmistakable, “because of a shape” of a object, she said. Eight months later, Ana Paula brought a package to der new apartment, yet she carefully hid the item in her bag to protect against embarrassment to the moving team.

Moments later, when he chose to join Gustavo, his present wife, under a new roof, there was novamente the small package ao the journalist’s bag, i beg your pardon this time left ns toy hanging on naquela shelf in his dressing room. , in a Band, whereby “Masterchef” writes.

The following day, it s too dirty with the possibility the someone appeared in ns middle of the recording and asked “did anyone forget aqui yesterday?” Treat some jewelry e preserved ns package.

The maid, with a permission of the stylist and Ana Paula herself, finished up throwing the object into a Tietê River, out the home window of a van, once they to be returning from a recording on der farm inside elas Paulo.

Before beginning his story, a former informar da globo presenter claimed he regret agreeing come tell naquela stage of extreme embarrassment for him on ns program, however he narrated a whole relationship com laughter, under equal footing. Good testimony by Juliette Freire, BBB champion, is additionally present in this edition, and the fun small Lo.

In 2005, when Ana Paula moved from Globo come SBT, Ana Paula tried to pay the termination fine porque o early breach of contract, which would last only a year, but a labor problem between a former contractor e former contractor. In a courts, which addressed itself shortly thereafter.

The case is that Ana Paula has actually not entered the a empresa since, still no as der guest of recent celebrations porque o the 50th anniversary of informar Nacional, which lugged together several former journalists from the company. It no decorrer longer era of good importance come him, who agora has an ext fun as naquela presenter of entertainment and news program that ser estar far from the rhythm of tough news.

When ns asked that if this ser estar the o primeiro dia time he had actually entered terra Studios after the left, he comment in one unpretentious tone: “now you’re speaking … ns think this is the first time, yes”.

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Ana Paula’s retorna to estúdio Globo, albeit der guest, also reminds us of a times that Silvio santo “stole” terra journalists with naquela millionaire offer, as he did, or merely with der better proposals, such as Mônica Waldvogel e Lillian Witte Fibe, then an financial commentator, changed there to der newsstand reporter.

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