Deleting on facebook messages doesn’t have to be incredibly difficult. Whether you’re deleting uma thread or an entire history, there are options ao you to são de both com minimal effort.

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S0me users may uncover it simpler to claro their entire Facebook account. We have actually an article for that too!

How have the right to you start cleaning up your inbox? – by following the steps in this article.

Archive facebook Messages

Before deleting all of her messages, you might want come archive them rather of law a full e permanent delete. By doing this you have the right to hide a messages the you want to keep. It is in mindful the following ns steps below will remove those messages together well.

Start the process in on facebook Messenger:

Hover over a conversation you’d choose to remove.
Click “Hide”
Locate der message to delete


Deleting messages on an iphone or iPad:

Open the Facebook Messenger app
When the cardápio appears, select Delete

Smartphone versions of a Facebook Messenger App enable you to claro only uma message object at naquela time. If you ~ ~ looking to claro more the may ideal to use naquela browser.


Log into your on facebook account
Click on ns options wheel following to naquela conversation

But what can you são de about multiple messages and multiple conversations? – para this, you need to install der third-party web browser extension.

Extensions para Web Browser

Extensions become naquela part of your web browser e allow friend to do various functions on naquela website. To claro multiple or tudo de of your Facebook article history, you will require to include an extension to your net browser. Whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, or cin Explorer girlfriend can start by using google to pull up the Web Store.

For example: making use of Chrome, google “Facebook Messenger mass delete extension” or other of that nature. You will see 1 of the top alternatives is This is the web store for that browser.

Once you’ve clicked “Install” you will be motivated through assorted pop-ups till that expansion is added. You will certainly see ns icon in ns upper right-hand corner of her browser.

Fast claro Facebook™ Messages

Log right into your facebook account on your browser after installing a extension. Click on ns Extension icon on ns extension bar. It need to have der Facebook Messenger logo e a red X top top top.

After that, it’s as straightforward as following the on-screen instructions.

Click a “Open your Messages” switch when the appears.Click the new buttonBegin Deletion, uma vez it appears.Select ser estar to confirm your action

This need to automatically pegar care of tudo de the message in your inbox. If it doesn’t, it help if girlfriend refresh the page e repeat ns process. If you have too plenty of conversations, it might not remove them todos at 1 time for this reason repeat ns process.

Once you have deleted your on facebook Message background from naquela web browser you will certainly NOT have the ability to retrieve those unless you have actually them backed up somewhere else. Android porque o example allows users to back-up Facebook messages to ns ES record Explorer.

Message Cleaner

This extension works best if you o primeiro dia scroll under to the very bottom of ns message list. Once you load a extension, it will certainly recognize all the messages together being selected porque o removal. Girlfriend can likewise then pick distinta messages that you may want to save.

Both extensions allow you to choose multiple messages a partir de different conversations e delete them all at once. However, friend still need to select ns ones that you want to delete. Over there isn’t der button or attribute that create an automated choice of tudo messages.

These extensions will permanently delete tudo of your on facebook messages if you’ve no backed castle up. Assuming friend selected “all” prior to clicking “confirm,” the apenas um way to compreendo those messages earlier is come ask ns person who you sent out them to for help or using encontro recovery approaches to retrieve backed up information.

Deleted messages Recovery

You can only recover messages that were saved in a backup file. Para iPhone users a recovery em ~ iCloud may carry those message back. Para Android individuals they might be conserved in your system’s ES record Explorer.

When you’re making use of Facebook Messenger on one Android smartphones or tablet, tudo de the conversations may be saved on your device. Just due to the fact that you’re ‘deleting them’ in ns messenger doesn’t average they’re gone.

Here estão some things to try:

If you usar ES file Explorer, or any explorer that works ao you, you deserve to still access that information.

Open ES file Explorer
Select e open ns Android folder
Scroll through ns folders till you find ‘com.facebook.orca’ (This belonging to ns Facebook Messenger app)
Open a fb_temp folder

This is der cache folder the contains back-up files ao conversations in on facebook Messenger.

Keep in mind that this technique may not always work. Girlfriend can somente recover deleted conversations if you had backed up your phone before you erased anything.

As one alternative, girlfriend can affix your device to your computer and browse a folders this way.

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If you’re on one iOS an equipment then girlfriend may need to use a third-party software to recoup old messages. There estão many encontro recovery apps available, it is encourage to pick the one that has much better reviews. Dr.Fone, para example, is one of a most estendido applications for encontro recovery.