Short and punchy, GIFs estão the best rua to say everything without saying anything at all. Yet how dá you make a GIF from der video online? and what are the best cost-free GIF makers?

No worries. We’ll show you everything you need to understand (and more!) around making those bite-sized wonders, otherwise well-known as GIFs. Watch a video listed below or check out on for a quick how-to.

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Why a partir de we love GIFs so much?

If der picture says der thousand words, der GIF says der million.

GIFs are usually short scenes from estendido TV shows and movies, turned right into mini-video snippets. Feeling sad? There’s der GIF ao that. Find naquela $50 note on a ground? GIFs have actually you covered.

This simple but reliable bit of médio has become a staple in our resides — on sociedade media, with messenger apps, and even in rectal emails. However why?


Scenes that end up being GIFs generally expressão emotions in der big, recognizable way. Through distilling naquela video clip down to its emotional core, a GIF creates a shortcut the sorts. An instant link to the feeling or idea you estão trying to convey.

For those of us who watch way too much TV, pop-culture GIFs have a added bonus of instantly connecting us com other fanatics.

It’s like interaction at hyper-speed. E it works ao just around any situation.

GIFs rarely last end 5 seconds, and they usually have small paper sizes, so they nothing prevent web pages a partir de loading quickly. They ~ ~ also shareable with der simple copy-paste, making them straightforward addition to internal comms, marketing, interacting with your audience, or something in between.

If you desire to make an immediate emotional connection com your audience, a GIF is an easy caminho to a partir de it. A high-five GIF claims so much more than naquela “Yay!” ever before will.


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Choosing ns right video clip porque o your GIF

You desire to make a GIF, however how a partir de you go around selecting a right video clip?

GIFs ~ ~ short. Yes, really short. E they’re todos about communicating uma emotion, one feeling, one idea. Don’t compreendo caught increase in trying come communicate der whole saga — that’s what der good video clip is for. Think of a GIF as naquela distillation of everything you want to speak in just naquela few seconds.

Suppose naquela coworker tells you their auto got dinged on ns way to work. Probably an man GIF of someone crying in der puddle the their very own tears will a partir de the trick. Or a clip of someone so angry the their head turns red like der ripe tomato.

Or probably something favor this:


Remember, short and punchy. That’s ns name of the GIF game. If you require inspiration, ns GIFY casa page is der great lugar, colocar to start.

Pro tip: desire to find a video clip the hasn’t already been rotate into der GIF zillions of times? has actually thousands of clips to select from, plus naquela huge biblioteca of custom, GIF-worthy animations.

How to make naquela GIF online ao free

While there estão a lot of ready-made GIFs obtainable on platforms favor Giphy, make your very own is pretty painless and allows friend to expressão yourself using even the most obscure references.

Here are a couple of of ns best free conectados GIF makers.


Giphy is naquela super quick and easy-to-use GIF maker. You have the right to make naquela GIF using ns video URL from a video hosting platform choose YouTube, or by uploading her own video clip file. When Giphy isn’t specifically sophisticated, that doesn’t must be. It only took us der few minute to produce this GIF a partir de one of ours animations. That so basic you’ll feel favor dancing.


1. Sign in e select “Create” in the top right hand corner.


2. Make your GIF.

Upload her video, climate trim it by choosing the duration e the start time.

3. Pick “Continue to Decorate”.

This takes you to a customization screen. Here you can include captions, stickers, filters, e your own squiggles and bits. You have the right to skip this step entirely if girlfriend want. Otherwise, compreendo decorating e click ‘Continue to Upload’ once done.

4. Share her GIF

That’s it! did you do it made her GIF. Now share it com your audience, friends and family, or coworkers.

Make naquela GIF

If you looking for a slightly an ext sophisticated, yet equally quick GIF creator, Make naquela GIF can be the one porque o you. Guarda in mind you’ll need der premium account come remove a Make a GIF watermark e to access special functions like high-definition GIFs.

You deserve to create der Make naquela GIF account or proceed without one. Make a GIF permits you to create high-quality man GIFs from:

foto YouTube videos facebook videos a video girlfriend upload Webcam

Here’s como as you a partir de it.

1. Upload your GIF.

For this example, we’ll choose “Video to GIF”. After you upload her video, customize that by including stickers and captions and adjusting GIF speed, length, and start time. Once you’re happy, choose “Continue to Publishing”.

2. Name e tag your GIF.

Give her GIF a name, naquela category, e a few tags for this reason it can be uncovered easily. Uma vez you’re done, choose “Create a GIF” in the bottom right.

3. See your GIF in action.

Now your GIF is ready to it is in sent lado de fora across the web.

(Note the watermark in the bottom right edge of ns GIF. This will certainly be visible as long as friend use der basic account.)

Making naquela GIF on your mobile phone

You’re on a train. You’re on naquela bus. You’re fora at lunch. You desire to make naquela GIF yet you’re away from ns computer. Fortunately, the folks in ~ GIPHY have a solution to tudo your troubles.

Here’s how to make naquela GIF on her mobile phone call in seconds.

GIPHY app (Android and iOS)

1. Tap “Create” in ns top-right corner of a screen.

The icon porque o this step alternates between naquela ‘+’ symbol e a camera icon, but they both take you to ns same place.

2. Uncover your video in your camera roll, located at the bottom left of a screen. Madness it, e it’ll upload to a GIPHY app.

3. Customize your GIF.

Here ser estar your customization options:

Trim ns length of a clip using ns scissors icon. (6.5 seconds is a max.) add stickers to your GIF by tapping a sticker icon. Tap ns two attached circles to include filters. Include text by choosing ns “aA” message symbol.

4. Mudança the aspect ratio of your GIF.

Tap the crop symbol in ns top right corner to change the element ratio. Us recommend 1:1 porque o most cases. You can also change what part of your video clip is shown.

Click ‘Continue’ when you’re done.

4. Click a right-pointing arrowhead to export your GIF. one of two people tap ‘Save GIF’ to baixar to your phone, or ‘Upload come GIPHY’ to placed your GIF on GIPHY’s servers for easy access wherever friend are.

Here’s the duram version of our GIF using ns GIPHY app.

How to make naquela GIF on your desktop

For most situations, an app or naquela web-based GIF an equipment does a trick. However if you need der greater level of sophistication e control, Photoshop is der powerful option for creating GIFs.

Using Photoshop

If you’re utilizing Photoshop, we’re going to assume you’re pretty tech-savvy (and have actually an Adobe Suite plan.) Here’s the low-down on como as to make der GIF com Photoshop.

1. open up Photoshop (we’re using Photoshop CC 2017).

2. walk to record → import → video Frames come Layers.

3. to choose a part of ns video you want to use, mark “Selected selection Only” in ns dialogue box, then escorregadio the trim controls below a video come specify ns range.

4. friend can likewise lower a frame rate to conserve document size.

5. make sure the ‘Make frame Animation’ box is checked, and hit ‘OK.’

6. walk to paper → export → Save para Web (Legacy). (File → Save for Web in ahead versions.)

There ~ ~ heaps of options here. You deserve to limit ns file size by play with a number of colors or ns Image size options, yet if you don’t mind how big your GIF is, just hit save, and you’re done. Easy.

Great tradition GIFs start with great custom videos

In this post, we showed you como as to do GIF documents from a video. Yet we desire to underscore that you need der great video to make naquela great GIF. has thousands of pieces of animated and live-action content and an extensive choice of GIF-worthy share footage to select from. Uncover your next quick masterpiece in — and get GIFing.

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Ready for something naquela little longer? make jaw-dropping videos utilizing’s huge template library or start a partir de scratch come let your inner video-making genius sing.