You deserve to follow these steps to add your two-factor verification e password reset methods. ~ you"ve set this increase the o primeiro dia time, friend can retorna to the Security info page come add, update, or delete your security information.

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If you"re triggered to set this up instantly after you sign in come your work or institution account, see ns detailed actions in the Set increase your defense info a partir de the sign-in web page prompt article.

If what you"re see on your display screen doesn"t partida what"s being covered in this article, it means that your administrator hasn"t rotate on this endure yet. Until this suffer is turn on, you should follow ns instructions e information in the Set up mine account para two-step verification section.

Note: If friend don"t see the authenticator application option, it"s possible that your organization doesn"t permit you to usar this option ao verification. In this case, you"ll require to choose another technique or contact your organization"s aid desk for more assistance.

Security matches password reset verification

Security info methods ~ ~ used porque o both two-factor protection verification e for password reset. However, not todos methods can be used for both.


Used for

Authenticator app

Two-factor verification and password reset authentication.

Text messages

Two-factor verification e password reset authentication.

Phone calls

Two-factor verification and password reset authentication.

Security key

Two-factor verification e password reset authentication.

Email account

Password reset authentication only. You"ll need to choose naquela different method para two-factor verification.

Security questions

Password reset authentication only. You"ll should choose a different method porque o two-factor verification.

Set up a Authenticator app a partir de the Security info page

Depending on your organization’s settings, you could be able to use an authentication app as 1 of her security details methods. You aren"t compelled to use a Authenticator app, and you deserve to choose a different application during the set up process. However, this short article uses ns Authenticator app.


If friend have set up a Authenticator app on 5 different gadgets or if you"ve used 5 hardware tokens, girlfriend won"t it is in able to set up der sixth one, e you can see ns following error message:

you can"t collection up Authenticator due to the fact that you already have 5 authenticator apps or hardware tokens. Please contact your administrator to excluir one of her authenticator apps or hardware tokens.

To set up the Authenticator app

Select Security info in ns left menu or through using the link in the Security info pane. If you have already registered, you"ll it is in prompted para two-factor verification. Then, select Add method in the Security info pane.


On the Add a method page, select Authenticator app from a list, and then select Add.

On the Start by getting ns app page, select Download now to download e install a Authenticator app on your mobile device, and then select Next. For an ext information about how to download and install a app, see Download and install the Authenticator app.

If you desire to usar an authenticator application other than ns Authenticator app, select I want to use der different authenticator app.

If your organization lets you choose naquela different an approach besides ns authenticator app, girlfriend can choose I want to collection up a different method.


Remain top top the Set up your account page when you set up ns Authenticator application on her mobile device.


Open ns Authenticator app, select to permit notifications (if prompted), select Add account from the Customize e control icon on ns upper-right, e then select Work or school account.

Note: The primeiro time you set up the Authenticator app, you can receive a prompt asking whether come allow the app to access your camera (iOS) or to allow the app to remover pictures and record video clip (Android). You need to select Allow so the authenticator app can accessibility your camera to take der picture of a QR code in ns next step. If you don"t allow a camera, you can still set up a authenticator app, yet you"ll must add a code details manually. Ao information about how to add a code manually, see see Manually add an account to the app.

Return to the Set up your account page on her computer, and then select Next. The Scan a QR code page appears.


Scan a provided password with ns Authenticator app QR code reader, which appeared on your mobile an equipment after you produced your job-related or college account in step 6.

Select Next on the Scan the QR code page on her computer. Naquela notification is sent to the Authenticator app on her mobile device, come test her account.


Approve the notification in ns Authenticator app, and then select Next. Your security details is updated come use a Authenticator application by default come verify your identity when making use of two-step confirmation or password reset.


Delete your authenticator app são de your security information methods

If you enquanto longer desire to use your authenticator application as naquela security details method, you have the right to remove it a partir de the Security info page. This functions for tudo de authenticator apps, not just a Authenticator app. After ~ you delete the app, you have to go into the authenticator application on her mobile device and delete a account.

Important: If you excluir the authenticator app by mistake, there"s durante way come undo it. You"ll need to add the authenticator app again, following the steps in the Set up a authenticator app section the this article.

To claro the authenticator app

On the Security info page, choose the Delete link next to ns Authenticator app.


Select Yes when request to check to delete the authenticator app. After ns authenticator app is deleted, it"s removed são de your security info and it disappears em ~ the Security info page. If a authenticator application is her default method, the default alters to another available method.

Open the authenticator app on your mobile device, select Edit accounts, and then excluir your occupational or school account são de the authenticator app.

Your account is totally removed from the authenticator app porque o two-factor verification e password reset requests.

Change her default security details method

If friend want a authenticator application to be a default technique used once you sign-in to your work-related or institution account utilizing two-factor confirmation or porque o password reset requests, you can collection it são de the Security info page.

Note: If your default sign-in an approach is naquela text or call to her phone number, then ns SMS code or voice contact is sent instantly during multifactor authentication. As of June 2021, part apps will ask users to choose Text or Call first. This option avoids sending too plenty of security codes porque o different apps. If her default sign-in technique is the Authenticator app (which recommends), then ns app notification is sent automatically.

To mudança your default security details method

On the Security info page, select Change next come the Default sign-in method information.


Choose Authenticator - notification from a list of available methods. If you"re not using the Authenticator app, select the Authenticator app or hardware token option.


Select Confirm. The default technique used para sign-in transforms to a Authenticator app.

Additional security info methods

You have added options ao how your organization contacts you come verify your identity, based upon what"s you"re trying to do. A options include:

Mobile maker text: Enter your mobile device number and get a text der code you"ll use for two-step confirmation or password reset. Ao step-by-step instructions about como as to verify your identification with naquela text article (SMS), see Set increase security details to use text messaging (SMS).

Mobile device or work phone call: get in your mobile machine number e get a phone call ao two-step confirmation or password reset. Para step-by-step instructions about como as to verify your identity with a phone number, see Set increase security information to usar phone calls.

Security key: Register your defense key and use it along with a PIN para two-step verification or password reset. For step-by-step instructions about como as to verify your identity with naquela security key, see Set up security information to use a security key.

Email address: Enter your work or school email attend to to vai an email for password reset. This option isn"t available for two-step verification. Porque o step-by-step indict about como as to set up your email, see Set increase security info to usar email.

Security questions: Answer some security questions produced by your administrator for your organization. This choice is somente available porque o password reset e not ao two-step verification. Porque o step-by-step indict about how to set up your security questions, view the Set increase security details to usar security questions article.

Note: If some of these options are missing, it"s most likely due to the fact that your organization doesn"t permit those methods. If this is a case, you"ll need to pick an available an approach or contact your administrator porque o more help.

Next steps

Sign-in using the Authenticator app, complying with steps in the Sign in utilizing two-step verification or security info article.

Reset her password if you"ve lost or forget it, são de the Password reset portal or follow ns steps in the Reset your job-related or college password article.

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Get troubleshooting tips e help for sign-in troubles in the Can"t authorize in to your account article.