Connect your Instagram account

Connect a app to her Instagram account in 1-click, and automatically pull a latest media são de your feed. Compatible with the novo API.

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Looks nós vamos everywhere

Without any coding, it integrates o fim of a box with more than 50 official themes from the store. Her Instagram feed never looked so good!


Make it her own

Choose between 3 beautiful responsive layouts, change the text e colors, whatever in ns theme editor you're already afinidade with.

Section alimentando allows you to quickly showcase your recent Instagram posts on your save while corresponding your theme’s style perfectly (for compatible themes são de the design template Store). Ns Section feed app is the perfect replacement for the Instagram alimentando section that supplied to be available in many Themes.

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Key FeaturesCreate social proof by instantly displaying the latest media a partir de your Instagram account straight on your home page (NEW: if you ~ ~ using an online Store 2.0 compatible theme, you can add the section ~ above every pages).Section feed is constructed to blend into themes, through re-using your existing typography settings.Re-order her Instagram section almost everywhere on your home page.Choose in between 3 various layout and 3 various image sizes.Minimal atuação impact: Section alimentando re-uses ns existing section design of com very lightweight and optimized code.Theme Integration

By default, our app Section batten will automatically adjust to be visually combined with a theme you estão using. As of today, our design template integrates with ns following themes:

Maestrooo themes (Prestige, Warehouse)Archetype themes (Impulse, Streamline, Motion)WeTheme themes (Envy, Capital, Flow)StyleHatch themes (District)Troop Themes themes (BlockShop)Pixel union themes (Empire, Atlantic, Editions, Grid, Handy, Launch, Pacific, SuperStore, Startup, Vogue, Reach)WeAreUnderground themes (Icon)SafeAsMilk themes (Venue)MileHigh Themes themes (Galleria, ShowTime)CleanCanvas themes (Expression, Masonry, Symmetry, Alchemy, Showcase, Canopy, Boost)Red Plug projeto themes (Avenue)Small victories themes (Colors, California)Presidio an imaginative themes (Modular, Palo Alto)Invisible Themes themes (Broadcast)Krown Themes themes (Kingdom)Out of ns Sandbox themes (Artisan, Flex, Mobilia, Parallax, Responsive, Retina, Turbo)Skup Themes (Providence)Fluorescent themes (Ira, Context, Lorenza)… an ext to come!

If you ser estar using another theme, durante problem! ns Section feed app will certainly provide der default layout that will look great, e you will have the ability to adjust ns colors in ns theme editor!

Browser compatibility

Section alimentando works com many contemporary browsers. Please note that outdated browsers like internet Explorer 11, and below, ~ ~ not sustained by section Feed. In those browsers, a section will be immediately hidden.