O WhatsApp is uma of the most popular and used applications for exchanging messages, that is available para cell phones, but can also be accessed on the PC. However, the Web or desktop cardonafam.computer version of ns application is naquela little more limited e has der few under features, as you may have actually noticed for example, once trying to make naquela Video call.

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When using a service on naquela PC or cabinet phone, WhatsApp ends up reporting as soon as you estão online or inputting in naquela conversation, which deserve to make friend uncardonafam.comfortable in details situations. Fortunately, the nós vamos news is that anyone on a PC deserve to hide these two statuses em ~ their contacts. Next, here"s how to hide the you"re conectados or keying in internet WhatsApp.


To perform ns task mentioned above of hiding a statuses that is not crucial to make any kind of privacy settings in ns WhatsApp application para phones cardonafam.com Android or iOS (iPhone system). However, notifications that messages have been review via ns “blue tick” will proceed to be shown to your contacts.

So, if girlfriend really desire to it is in “invisible”, it is recardonafam.commended the you disable this “confirmation” in the privacy setups of a application on your phone.

How cardonafam.come hide when you ~ ~ online or typing on WhatsApp Web

For you to hide these two statuses top top WhatsApp internet it is essential to usar an extension ao the Chrome browser, as this is not an official feature of ns service. Check step by step:

1. Access ns page WA net Plus in ns Chrome internet Store;

2. On the open page, click “Use in Chrome”;

3. In a message that appears, click “Add extension”;

4. Now, access a WhatsApp Web página? ˅ as usual e log in cardonafam.come it;

5. cardonafam.com WhatsApp internet open, next to the browser"s resolve bar, click on the icon of a installed extension;

6. Enable the options “Hide by typing” and “Hide online”.

From that moment on, you will not see any difference in cardonafam.como as the service works, but ns online and typing statuses will already be hidden em ~ your contacts. In part cases, however, it may be essential to reload a open tab of WhatsApp Web for the trick cardonafam.come work.

Ready! Now, you currently know cardonafam.como as to usar WhatsApp Web cardonafam.com more privacy by not reporting conectados or typing in der conversation on the service.


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