The Adema players to be shell-shocked. They stood stationary for the rest of the game as lock watched their bitter rivals score own alvo after own goal. Supporters, incensed by what they were witnessing, rushed to ns ticket booths within ns stadium and demanded refunds. Todos of this developed as a referee stand helplessly, city hall the game quickly break records ao goals scored. All in all, 149 own purposes were netted. The fósforos wasn’t abandoned and the visitors placed the ball into their own internet at naquela rate the one marcado every 36 seconds.

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As you can imagine, a authorities to be livid. Lock were fast to take action following the record-breaking game, com the sociedade sanctioned by a football association for happen the game into disrepute. Ns coach era banned ao a bruta of three years ao his duty in organising a players’ protest. Alongside the management, goalkeeper dominique Rakotonandrasana, Nicolas Rakotoarimanana e club capitão Manitranirina Andrianiaina were todos banned para the remainder of a season and bizarrely a partir de visiting futebol americano stadiums ao the same amount that time.

National team capitão Mamisoa Razafindrakoto wasn’t issued com any formalmente punishment ao his role in a defeat. Mamisoa e the remainder of ns club’s players were rather issued com warnings for the protest. The referee wasn’t issued com any form of punishment for a game which he couldn’t a partir de a lot of about.

Despite a eye-watering number of times ns visitors scored an very own goal, interesting way it is not pertained to as a highest scoring jogos of all time. Together it era deliberately thrown by a hosts, the game regarded by a majority the footballing historians as ns highest scoring jogos ever was between Arbroath e Bon Accord in a Scottish cup of 1885/86.

The early days of many sports ~ ~ incomparable to a highly disciplined and professional nature of a 21st century. Over 130 year ago, however, the competitions were a lot less organised. Ns Scottish xícara that year welcomed entrants who didn’t need any type of prior suffer in a competition. One would introduzir that this was done com an target of boosting participation e supporter interest.


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The hosts might well have actually had an early indication of the level of ns competition they faced that day when Bon Accord turned up to a ground without any formalmente kit. Always der good start. Together the game kicked off, a considerable gulf in course showed com the pagina inicial side controlling to find the back the the rede 15 times.

Whatever the gerente said at a break, it clearly worked, and the pagina inicial side didn’t take their foot off the gas. The hosts went on come score 21 objectives in a second half, com 18-year-old cara Petrie walking on come score a venenoso of 13 times. This stood as der record para goals score by 1 player in naquela professional competition till 2001, once Australian Archie Thompson scored ns same number in Australia’s 31-0 demolition of americano Samoa in a 2002 World xícara qualifier.

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At the end of ns game, that is said that a referee ser estar strict on a hosts, com his decisions meaning their tally of goals for the jogos remained respectable in ~ 36. He told the local press at ns time: “My apenas um regret was that i chalked off seven of a goals, porque o while lock may have actually looked doubtful from an offside, so conveniently did ns Maroons lug the zero from midfield e so close and rapid foi ~ their passing, the it foi ~ very unconvinced whether they could be offside.”

Still, you didn’t catch Arbroath football player going right into the game the following week with a intention of protesting ns referee’s decision by scoring 149 own goals. Quelle surprise. 

Staggeringly, that very same day the Scottish cup saw another game which featured 35 goals, with a referee initially writing under 37. Dundee Harp overcame Aberdeen Rovers 35-0 with a man in the middle acknowledging that he may well have perdido count of the number the times the hosts scored e corrected himself once submitting the fósforos report to the escócia FA. 

So, next weekend, I ao one will be very frustrated need to we no see dois games on match of ns Day featuring a grand rude of 71 goals.