Flamengo will cara a cara Bangu this Wednesday (31st), in ~ 9 afternoon (Brasília time), in der confrontation of ns seventh round of ns Carioca Championship. The jogos will be played at the general Sylvio Raulino de Oliveira Stadium, in retorna Redonda, due to restrictions imposed by the city of rio de janeiro in combating a Covid-19 pandemic. The match will be transmissão live somente by pay-per-view – record will not screen the partida on open up TV. To watch online, the option is streaming FlaTV + e Cariocão TV, which ~ ~ paid.

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The só option come see the duel top top TV is to subscribe to pay-per-view with pay-TV operators. Carriers such as Claro, Net, Vivo and Sky sell Cariocão packages. The monthly fee expenses R us$ 49.90, and it is also possible to close a package that includes todos games in a competition for R crédito 129.90.

The fósforos will additionally be presented on Flamengo’s own transmissão service, FlaTV +, which can be accessed through the website flatvmais.com.br – there is no yet an applications available. In Rubro-Negro matches, the transmissão team is “club”, with pre-game coverage, post-game commentary e press conference.

The package readily available by a platform has a cost that R us$ 129.90 e entitles you to follow a entire championship, consisting of non-Flamengo games; ns fan can also pay in increase to 4 installments that R us$ 32.48.

Another different is Cariocão TV. The solution is integrated com FutebolCard modern technology (specializing in online ticket sales), based upon three types of pay-per-view subscriptions: all 78 campeonato games in ~ R crédito 129.90 (divided into four installments), monthly porque o R us$ 49.90 and, lastly, a purchase per single item para R us$ 59.90.

With ns presence that coach rogério Ceni and the beginning players, the clash can mark ns debut the Flamengo’s key squad in the 2021 season. Com 13 points in the competition, Rubro-Negro come from a 2-0 success in the classic versus Botafogo and a 1-1 draw com Boavista.

Bangu has 5 points in a Carioca Championship. In the last time on ns field, a team faced Resende in a goalless attract and, in a previous match, lock were defeated by Madureira by one to 0.

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