Here"s como as to watch "And as with That" online — consisting of when episode three will ar and a rest of ns season.


Here"s como as to assistir And just like That online. The estrelas of Sex e the City ser estar back top top our screens in sucessão reboot And similar to That...

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, reuniting us with Carrie, Miranda, e Charlotte for the primeiro time in almost 20 years.

Last equipe we last experienced newspaper columnist Carrie Bradshaw (played through Sarah jessica Parker), no-nonsense lawyer Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), and prim-and-proper Charlotte iorque (Kristin Davis) they were liven navigating their caminho through friendships and relationships as 30-something singletons.

But fast-forward two decades and And as with That... sees a friends agora trying to figure out vida in your 50s, with tudo that marriage, jobs, e raising older crianças entails.

Speaking that reprising her function as Carrie, sarah says: "I’m excited about the time that has passed. I think young women still yes, really relate come this story, it’s about finding friendships the matter, looking para work that fulfills you, e pursuing love, even when that drags friend down the street!"

The novo 10-episode temporada might have naquela notable lack after Kim Cattrall i m so sad turned down the possibilidade to toque iconic man-eating PR guru Samantha Jones e se again, there are plenty that other familiar faces returning.

Here is whatever you need to know about como as to watch the show, including when episode three is airing, and when you have the right to stream ns rest of a season...


Episode two of "And just like That" experienced Carrie handle with a life-changing event. (Image credit: Sky)

The first two episodes of the novo season have lugged shock, nostalgia, e laughs, and while us won"t spoil ns unexpected twist in illustration one, it definitely set the feel ao the remainder of the series, demonstrar fans the Sex e the City is all grown up.

Episode dois sees Carrie e co handle with ns fallout the THAT ending to a pilot episode, leaving pan in tears and wondering where the concertos will go a partir de here.

If you want to understand when you can relógio episode three, and when ns rest of a 10-part temporada will air, then manter reading...

How to watch "And similar to That" conectados in the US

And similar to That... released on Thursday, Dec. 9th, solely on HBO Max in ns US.

The first two episodes of a 10-part temporada dropped on a same day, definition you can binge-watch the o primeiro dia two installments ideal now. You"ll then have the ability to watch the remaining eight episodes every Thursday.

Episode three, i m sorry is title When in Rome, will atmosfera on HBO Max são de midnight top top Thursday, Dec. 16.

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There estão two HBO Max subscriptions available para consumers — a $9.99 ad-supported plan and a $14.99 ad-free plan. HBO Max currently has todos the Sex and the City illustration if you want to take der look back at the original series with Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda.