Before updating, you re welcome refer to the Windows release information estado for known issues to confirm your device is not impacted.

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Windows 10 November 2021 Update

a Update Assistant can assist you update to the latest version of home windows 10. To importar started, click Update now. Upgrade now

Create windows 10 surroundings media

To get started, friend will first need to have a license come install windows 10. You have the right to then download and run the media creation tool. Porque o more details on como as to use ns tool, see the instructions below.


Here’s when to use these instructions:

You have der license come install windows 10 e are upgrading this PC em ~ Windows 7 or windows 8.1.You have to reinstall windows 10 on a PC you’ve already successfully triggered Windows 10.

If you ~ ~ installing windows 10 on naquela PC running windows XP or windows Vista, or if you require to produce installation media to install home windows 10 on a different PC, check out Using the tool to produce installation média (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) come install windows 10 on der different pc section below.

Note: prior to you install home windows 10, inspect to make certain your computer meets the system requirements porque o Windows 10. We also recommend going to a PC manufacturer"s website para any additional info around updated drivers and hardware compatibility.

Select Download tool, e select Run. You have to be one administrator to operation this tool.On the License terms page, if you accept ns license terms, choose Accept.On the What são de you desire to do? page, choose Upgrade this computer now, and then choose Next.

After downloading e installing, a tool will andar you through how to collection up home windows 10 on her PC. Todos Windows 10 editions ser estar available once you choose Windows 10,except for Enterprise edition. Porque o more information on companies edition,go to ns Volume Licensing service Center.

If you formerly upgraded to home windows 10 ~ above this PC e you’re reinstalling it, friend don’t must enter der product key.Your copy of windows 10 will immediately activate later on using your digital license.When home windows 10 is ready to install, you’ll see a recap that what you’ve chosen, and what will be preserved through ns upgrade. Choose Change what to keep to set whether girlfriend would prefer to Keep personal files e apps, or Keep an individual files only, or select to guarda Nothing during a upgrade.Save e close any open apps and files you may be running, and when she ready, select Install.It might pegar some equipe to install windows 10, e your pc will restart a few times. Make certain you don’t revolve off your PC.
Using a tool to produce installation média (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) to install home windows 10 on a different computer (click to show more or less information)

Follow these measures to create installation médio (USB flash journey or DVD) girlfriend can usar to install der new copy of windows 10, perform der clean installation, or reinstall windows 10.

Before you download the device make certain you have:

An cíniras connection (internet business provider fees may apply).Sufficient encontro storage obtainable on a computer, USB or external drive para the download.A blank USB flash drive with at least 8GB of space or empty DVD (and DVD burner) if you want to create media.We recommend using der blank USB or blank DVD, since any conteúdo on it will certainly be deleted.When burning a DVD em ~ an ISO file, if you ~ ~ told ns disc image record is too huge you will have to use dobro Layer (DL) DVD Media.

Check der few points on the PC where you want to install windows 10:

64-bit or 32-bit processor (CPU). You’ll create either naquela 64-bit or 32-bit version of windows 10. To inspect this on her PC, walk to PC info in computer settings or System in ao controle Panel, and look ao System type.Language in Windows. You"ll need to choose a same language once you install home windows 10. To see what language you"re at this time using, go to Time and language in pc settings or Region in control Panel.

If girlfriend have office 2010 or earlier e choose to perform a clean download of windows 10, girlfriend will need to locate your office product key. For tips ~ above locating her product key, examine Find your escritório 2010 product crucial or Enter the product key para your escritório 2007 program.

Using a tool to develop installation media:

Select Download tool now, and select Run. You must be one administrator to operation this tool.If girlfriend agree to ns license terms, select Accept.On ns What do you desire to do? page, pick Create surroundings media porque o another PC, e then choose Next.

Select a language, edition, e architecture (64-bit or 32-bit) for Windows 10. This tabela will help you decidir which versão of home windows 10 you will do it choose:

Your current edition of WindowsWindows 10 edition
Windows 7 StarterWindows 7 pagina inicial BasicWindows 7 terra natal PremiumWindows 7 ProfessionalWindows 7 UltimateWindows 8/8.1Windows 8.1 with BingWindows 8 ProWindows 8.1 ProWindows 8/8.1 professional with média CenterWindows 8/8.1 single LanguageWindows 8 single Language com BingWindows 10 HomeWindows 10 ProWindows 10
Windows 8/8.1 Chinese Language EditionWindows 8 Chinese Language edição with BingWindows 10 pagina inicial China​
Select which média you want to use:USB flash drive. Attach a blank USB speed drive com at least 8GB the space. Any content on the flash drive will be deleted.After ns installation médio is created, follow a steps listed below to use it.

Before friend install windows 10, it’s a good ideia to save any work e back up her PC prior to you start. If you supplied the médio creation device to download an ISO file ao Windows 10, you’ll have to burn the to der DVD before following these steps.

Attach ns USB flash drive or insert the DVD on ns PC where you want to install home windows 10.Restart your PC.

If your pc does not automatically boot to a USB or DVD media, you might have to open der boot menu or mudança the boots order in her PC"s BIOS or UEFI settings. To open a boot cardápio or change the boots order, you"ll typically need to press a key (such as F2, F12, Delete, or Esc) automatically after you revolve on her PC. Porque o instructions top top accessing the boot cardápio or changing ns boot order for your PC, check a documentation the came com your computer or go to the manufacturer"s website. If you dá not see a USB or DVD médio device detailed within ns boot options, you might need to reach o fim to the PC manufacturer porque o instructions ao temporarily disabling Secure boots in your BIOS settings.

If changing the boot cardápio or stimulate doesn"t work, and your PC automatically boots into the OS you desire to replace, that is possible the PC had not totally shut down. To ensure the PC completely shuts down, select the power switch on ns sign-in screen or top top the começar menu e select shut down.

On the Install Windows page, select your language, time, e keyboard preferences, and then pick Next.Select Install Windows.

If you downloaded an ISO file para Windows 10, a file is saved locally at the location girlfriend selected. If girlfriend have der third-party DVD burning program set up on your computer that you choose to use ao creating ns installation DVD, the program can open by walk to ns location where a file is saved e double-clicking a ISO file, or right-click ns ISO file, pick Open with and choose your preferred DVD burning software.

If you desire to use the Windows Disk image Burner to develop an installation DVD, go to the location where a ISO record is saved. Right-click the ISO file and select Properties. ~ above the em geral tab, click Change e select Windows sonda for the program girlfriend would like to use to open ISO files e select Apply. Then right-click ns ISO file and select Burn bowl image.

If you want to install windows 10 directly em ~ the ISO file without using a DVD or speed drive, friend can a partir de so by mounting ns ISO file. This will perform an upgrade of your present operating sistema to windows 10.

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To mount a ISO file:

Go to ns location where ns ISO file is saved, right-click a ISO file and select Properties.On the normal tab, click Change… and select Windows investigador for ns program girlfriend would choose to usar to open up ISO files and select Apply.Right-click the ISO file e select Mount.Double-click the ISO document to view the files within. Double-click setup.exe to começo Windows 10 setup.