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This short article describes a prerequisite software updates that apply to execution of Windows visualizar that ser estar mentioned in the "Applies to" section. These software updates ser estar a prerequisite porque o Windows vista Service Pack one (SP1). Additionally, these updates assist improve reliability once you download or eliminate Windows opinião SP1.

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Two or 3 additional programas updates ~ ~ required prior to you install Windows vista SP1. The software updates that ser estar required depend on ns version the Windows visualizar that you want to upgrade. Prerequisite upgrade 935509 that is provided in this article apenas um applies come Windows vista Enterprise and to Windows visualizar Ultimate. The other prerequisite update that are listed in this article apply to todos versions of home windows Vista.Before Windows vejo SP1 is released, these prerequisite updates will certainly be delivered to most users with Windows upgrade as component of consistently scheduled monthly updates. These updates will certainly be mounted together com other updates the will require that friend restart the computer. Therefore, secondary restart will certainly not be required. This delivery technique will assist simplify installation of a required updates.If you decidir to download Windows vista SP1 through using ns stand-alone installer instead of by making use of Windows Update, you will not have to install a prerequisite updates separately. A prerequisite updates will certainly be set up by ns stand-alone installer if they ~ ~ necessary. Ns following 3 updates estão required prior to you install Windows vejo SP1. However, these updates estão also encourage if you do not intended to install Windows opinião SP1. These updates assist improve reliability e performance when you download future separado updates em ~

935509 a software upgrade is available para versions of Windows vejo that include ns Windows BitLocker drive Encryption feature Update 935509 lets you correctly organization Windows BitLocker drive Encryption-capable computers. This update só applies to a following versions of Windows opinião that incorporate Windows BitLocker drive Encryption:

Windows vista Enterprise

Windows opinião Ultimate

Update 937287 updates the Windows opinião installation software. For more information, see a "Update information" section.

Update information

Update 937287 is naquela prerequisite package that contains updates to ns Windows visualizar installation software. Ns installation software is a component that handles a installation and the removed of software updates, language packs, optional home windows features, e service packs. Update 937287 is vital to effectively install e to remove Windows opinião SP1 on todos versions of home windows Vista. This update will be obtainable on a Windows update Web página? ˅ soon after the release of upgrade 935509 and before the release that Windows opinião SP1.Update 937287 is available from the home windows Update web site. To achieve this update, follow this steps:

Click começo

, click Control Panel, and then clickSecurity.

Under Windows Update, click Check porque o updates.Important

You need to install this upgrade package on der Windows vejo operating sistema that is running. You cannot install this upgrade package on one offline image.

If any type of other updates are waiting for naquela restart, the restart need to occur prior to you install this update.

You must install upgrade 949939 before you install this update.

update is available a partir de the baixar Center

The following paper is obtainable for download from ns download Center:Download a Update para Windows vejo (KB937287) package now.Download the Update porque o Windows Vista porque o x64-based equipment (KB937287) parcel now. Ao more details about como as to download files, click ns following post number to view the article in the expertise Base:

119591 como as to achieve assistance files a partir de online services scanned this file ao viruses. used the most present virus-detection programas that was available on a date that a file ser estar posted. Ns file is save on computer on security-enhanced servers that aid prevent any unauthorized alters to the file.


You need to install update 949939 before you install this update.

Restart need

You have to restart ns computer ~ you apply this update.

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upgrade replacement information

This update does no replace naquela previously released update.

update removal information

You cannot eliminate this update.For more information about software update terminology, click ns following article number come view ns article in ns expertise Base:

824684 description of ns standard terminology the is offered to describe programas updates