disney unveiled naquela wealth of star Wars information this semana that will guarda fans busy porque o the following handful of years.

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Every star Wars Show e Movie disney Just Announced
Disney e Lucasfilm have announced the future of the Star Wars franchise ~ above both a big e small screen. Ns announcements were made during Disney"s investors Day presentation previously this week, e there is sufficient to guarda fans busy porque o the next handful the year. A main estrela of a show, lately, has actually been The Mandalorian. Dave Filoni e Jon Favreau introduced ns world to der brand-new set of characters set in ns Star Wars universe, which was considered to be naquela gamble prior to the show aired.

Thankfully, a gamble payment off. The Mandalorian has quickly become a Star Wars the fans have actually been waiting to see ao decades, many thanks to a creative mental of Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau. Ns small display screen success has agora added der ton of novo Disney+ shows, while also going on to influence a future of the big display projects after the Skywalker saga wrapped up late last year.

Lucasfilm presidente Kathleen Kennedy e her collaborators initially want to placed out tudo of a Star Wars spin-offs on ns big screen, while walk on come break novo ground after the sequel trilogy concluded. However, hardcore fans did not take to the most recent trilogy ns way that Lucasfilm and Disney thought that castle would. The force Awakens made over $2 billion globally, but ns next dois installments can not guarda up that kind of box office success over a next 4 years.

ns release that Solo came less than 6th months after The last Jedi e it looked like Star Wars fatigue had officially collection in, i m sorry led Disney e Lucasfilm come rethink their relax strategy. Solo foi ~ not the hit at the box escritório that countless thought it would be, though plenty of fans have come about to a movie in recent months, praising ns performances são de Alden Ehrenreich e Donald Glover as the young limite Solo e Lando Calrissian, respectively. Em ~ there, Disney e Lucasfilm pumped ns breaks e many wondered what foi ~ going to be coming next.

falar of The Mandalorian started soon after that, though Star Wars fans were not certain what come expect. Dave Filoni e Jon Favreau functioned in secret, if Lucasfilm began to plot ns next large screen work, i beg your pardon included a new trilogy são de Rian Johnson, i beg your pardon unfortunately, era not brought up in a latest announcements. However, catalent Kennedy did carry up quite der bit of various other projects to vai very excited about, that stretch ago to ns familiar, e then far into the unknown.

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You deserve to check fora everything that foi ~ announced below.