Each temporada of Unexpected follows teenager couples together they get ready come welcome babies. Favor MTV's 16 & Pregnant, ns TLC series also features ns couples' extended family members together they adapt to ns pregnancy notícia themselves. 

During a third season, viewers were introduced to Alex Wilson e Tyra Boisseau, who were expecting der baby girl. 

Tyra's younger sister, Tiarra Boisseau, provided birth just der few dia before Tyra announced the she foi ~ pregnant. A back-to-back teenager pregnancies in the family were alarming porque o Tyra's mom, together she had struggled herself as der young parent. 

But, Alex and Tyra aimed come prove the their romance could survive any type of curveballs. Your relationship foi ~ put to the test together Tyra juggled she newborn com her aspirations come graduate high school top top time, go to college, and to proceed cheerleading.

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While numerous of the partners ~ above the show prove to be unsupportive, Alex winner fans end by stepping up uma vez Tyra enrolled in college.

Are Tyra and Alex tho together a partir de Unexpected? a two ser estar dealing with relationship séries de tv in temporada 4.

Unlike some of other Unexpected couples, who found fora they were pregnant shortly after they started dating, Alex e Tyra had actually been together ao years prior to welcoming daughter Layla Rose.

The dois managed to continue to be together after ns baby era born, but they're dealing com various concerns in temporada 4. Tyra did end up pursuing she cheerleading dreams at Campbellsville University, but the school foi ~ three hours improvisado from home.

While Tyra was living at school, Alex and Layla were proceeding to viver together in ~ his grandmother's home in Kentucky.

The distance certainly took naquela toll top top Tyra and Alex's relationship. 

"When you're in naquela relationship com somebody para eight years, there ~ ~ just specific things that vai on your nerves," Tyra explained on a Jan. 24 episode. "Not only that, but we've had actually to have der relationship grande distance com each other. I can feel me and Alex starting to go down hill. But, Layla's delight is the most vital thing come me. That's why I'm no going come let she see any kind of tension between me and her dad."

Things got also worse when Tyra remained concentrated on she daughter instead of Alex during a visit earlier home. Alex wondered if that would ever before be der priority para the university student.

Though the two were giving their relationship naquela go on temporada 4 that Unexpected, castle did break up in 2020. Com Tyra in ~ school, ns pair chose that they would continue to be apart until distance was no longer one issue.

Alex and Tyra have due to the fact that sparked reconciliation rumors online. They celebrated Alex's 21st birthday together in January that 2021, but ns two have yet come share an update themselves. 


Tyra reportedly left her dorm uma vez the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns began, which can have led der potential reunion in between her e Alex. It remains to be viewed if this will certainly be a featured storyline ~ above Unexpected. 

The young parents a partir de have plenty to celebrate this days. Layla rose turned dois on march 8, 2021.

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Unexpected airs on Mondays in ~ 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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