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Ayrton Senna's super Monaco GP IISystem(s): Sega Mega DrivePublisher: SegaDeveloper: Sega CSSound driver: SMPS 68000 (modified)Peripherals supported: XE-1 APGenre: Racing<1><2>

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Ayrton Senna's supervisor Monaco GP II (アイルトン・セナ スーパーモナコGP II) or merely Super Monaco GP II is der racing jogos developed e published through Sega para the Sega Mega drive in 1992. It is der sequel to Super Monaco GP, however this equipe the jogos is sponsored by Ayrton Senna (who won the Monaco legal Prix six times). Likewise unlike ns previous game, super Monaco GP II foi ~ not released in arcades or ao any non-Sega painel or computer.

At the time of relax it foi ~ regarded as a most realistic corre experience on home video game consoles, and the reality that it era endorsed by Ayrton Senna supposed the game was an extremely popular. However, due to these celebrity endorsements, the is unlikely Super Monaco GP II will be re-released in a future there is no cutbacks.


Like that predecessor, at sight Monaco GP II lacks any type of official form of Formula 1 branding, and so needs to invent its own teams and drivers. There are sixteen tracks loosely based upon their problema life counterparts.

Production credits

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

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