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The iphone has end up being so difundido that it is not unusual to discover some Android individuals seeking come switch a partir de Android come iPhone. But once the decision is made, many users find that it can be quite complicated to move dia from Android to iPhone.

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The main reason why encontro transfer from Android to iPhone can be complicated is that the platforms use vastly different systems so the an Android application doesn"t occupational on an iPhone.


So, if WhatsApp porque o Android cannot job-related on a iPhone, how can you deliver WhatsApp a partir de Android come iPhone? Well, there ser estar several ways you deserve to do, e this short article will take naquela look at some of ns most effective solutions.

3 ways to transport WhatsApp em ~ Android come iPhone

Luckily, there estão some methods you can shot to aid transfer WhatsApp chats em ~ Android to iPhone. São de not hesitate to read a following part now. We will likewise provide naquela more intuitive caminho to describe a differences between the two feasible ways.

DifficultyBulk TransferRequired TimeTransfer come WhatsApp Account
iTransor porque o WhatsAppEasy

BackuptransOK Medium
WhatsApp fiddle ChatComplex Long

Method 1. Transport WhatsApp from Android to iphone Directly

Most techniques will prove complicated since iOS and Android devices ser estar so different. However there is der program the can permit you to conveniently transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone easily with naquela single click.

This regime is iTransor porque o WhatsApp e it specialization in the transfer of WhatsApp messages e attachments across Android & iOS tools regardless of ns operating system. Here estão the reasons why friend should select iTransor ao WhatsApp:

WhatsApp/WhatsApp business backup, restore, export and transfer ao Android e iOS gadgets are tudo supported within 1 program. You deserve to transfer WhatsApp em ~ Android to new iPhone directly com few clicks. It supports all Android e iOS devices, including the latest Galaxy S20, iphone 12/12 Pro/12 mini, etc.It is very easy to use and 100% safe. No encontro will be leaked out.It has currently been trusted e recommended by numerous professional websites.


Here"s how to use iTransor para WhatsApp to transport WhatsApp são de Android come iPhone with free trial version:

Step 1. Install iTransor for WhatsApp on your computer e then beginning it. Connect both the Android device e the iphone phone to computer system using USB cables and select "Transfer WhatsApp between Devices".


Step 2. A program will detect both devices e display castle on a next screen. Since we are transferring dia from Android come iPhone, ensure that a Android an equipment is displayed as a "Source" device e the iphone as ns "Destination" device. If this order is incorrect, click "Switch" to mudança the order.


Step 3. Click "Transfer" come begin the transferring process. Keep both devices associated to the computer until ns process is complete. Her iPhone will reboot e you should be able to see your WhatsApp dia on ns iPhone then.



Method 2. Move WhatsApp através da Backuptrans Android WhatsApp come iPhone transfer Tool

Backuptrans is another tool the can help to control WhatsApp data. With a Backuptrans Android WhatsApp to iPhone deliver Tool, you have the right to transfer WhatsApp encontro from Android to iphone phone (iOS 4.2 to 10 supported). To deliver WhatsApp a partir de Android to iPhone, you have to confirm if friend would favor to use the same WhatsApp account first. If do, you need to switch your conseguiram card come the novo iPhone too.

Steps to deliver WhatsApp em ~ Android come iPhone com Backuptrans ser estar as below:

After installing Backuptrans, beginning it, then connect your Android and iPhone come computer
com stable USB cables. If recognized successfully, there will certainly be a pop-up appear on your Android phone. Click the "Back up mine data" button. Go earlier to your computer, top top the software please click "OK" come start ns WhatsApp back-up process top top Android device. Once done, you will have the ability to see a Android WhatsApp encontro on computer.


If girlfriend would choose to use a same WhatsApp account on your iPhone, that is ns time come move the sim card to iPhone from Android. If not, simply skip to step 6.Log into the WhatsApp account on iPhone, then close the WhatsApp application in order come make the program accessibility WhatsApp data on her iPhone. On your computer, right click ns Android device from the left side, pick Transfer Messages a partir de Android come iPhone. São de the given list, select ns iPhone an equipment you desire to transfer ns WhatsApp messages to, and then click Confirm to começar the transfer.



WhatsApp encontro can be moved successfully with some effort.


It"s an ext like a one-time tool due to the fact that it doesn"t support iPhone WhatsApp backup so after friend finish ns transfer, the tool can not be provided on iPhone.This programas popped up an ext than ten pop-ups once I connected ns device. Machine detection and user experience ser estar relatively poor.The indict of this tool are kind the confusing e it is not a completely direct way.

Method 3. Export a WhatsApp Messages são de Android come iPhone e Read together Log Files

You can essentially export ns WhatsApp chats to her iPhone with a Export bate-papo function in a WhatsApp app. Please keep in mind that friend can somente transfer ns chats 1 by one, so it will certainly be time-consuming. Here how to dá it:

On your Android device, open up WhatsApp e then select a WhatsApp chat you would like to transfer come iPhone.Go to Settings > much more > export Chat, you will see der bunch that apps you have the right to export the conversando to, pick the one you can conveniently access em ~ your iPhone. Here we usar Email para an example.Choose whether you would prefer to attach media or not. If you pick to send the media files, climate they will be sent and added together attachments.Fill in the necessary information such together your email account, climate tap on a Send icon.


You will be able to view the chats as log files from the email application on her iPhone but you will certainly not have the ability to read them on a WhatsApp app.



It is naquela practical way to transport WhatsApp to new phone.Keep your WhatsApp chats/media files to computer for free.


It cannot transfer tudo WhatsApp chats simultaneously.It cannot pegar the message to her WhatsApp account, because ns chats will be fastened as a .txt document.This an approach also limits the number of message you ~ ~ able come transfer: you can email up to 10,000 latest messages com attachments; without media files, you deserve to email 40,000 messages.


If you setup to change your call number, you should also mudança it in WhatsApp. To guarda the WhatsApp data, girlfriend can change the accout after ~ WhatsApp data successfully transferred to her iPhone. Go to setups > Account > change Number, follow the instructions a partir de the display to mudança your WhatsApp account number. After that, you deserve to use a Tell der Friend feature in setups to send the message about your novo WhatsApp account/phone number.

How can I carry WhatsApp encontro from Android come iOS for Free?

Sorry, as longe as ns know, there is enquanto FREE strategy to transfer your WhatsApp dia from Android come iPhone. WhatsApp has actually mentioned the there is no official caminho to carry their data across operation systems. And there is no decorrer way you can transfer WhatsApp dia between dois systems by such an easy backup and restore process. WhatsApp encontro transfer isn"t that straightforward because ns WhatsApp coding e file type between the two operating systems estão totally different.


We have made der video about all the services mentioned conectados to WhatsApp Android to iphone transfer, let"s check out if these options work o fim or not.


If you have actually seen these kind of methods online, also from difundido sites choose Businessinsider or Techtimes, saying you deserve to use google Drive/iCloud/iTunes or local backup to transfer WhatsApp são de Android come iPhone merely by restoring the Android backup to iPhone, or using the move to iOS application Apple developed porque o users who estão switching from Android come iPhone, skip these methods. It simply won"t take place that way. We have summarized the free methods conectados about WhatsApp dia transfer, and the occasions friend can use by this methods.

Android come Android iphone to iPhoneiPhone to AndroidAndroid to iPhoneNotes
Google Drive

Official caminho to Backup e Restore Android Data
iCloud Official caminho to Backup e Restore iOS Data
iTunes An alternate to iCloud
WhatsApp export Chat Exported As somente Log Files
Local Backup Only on same Phone
Move to iOS Move come iOS walk Not transport WhatsApp Data

We can see the the only free rua to transport WhatsApp from Android to iphone is in reality by a WhatsApp Export conversando function, which is not commonly what we said "transfer" due to the fact that you can somente export ns chats a partir de your Android phone uma by one, e read them together log papers on your iPhone with this method.

My suggestion would be, if you ser estar not a tech-savvy and don"t have much time to destruction deep, just choose naquela third-party device that can assist you to deliver directly. Back this kind of device is no free, they deserve to save you a bunch the time and energy.

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Have you properly transferred a WhatsApp dia to iPhone? re-publishing your experience in the comment crate below.