The Brazilian rapper Baco Exu dá Blues is making music “for anyone quem has ever felt oppressed, subjugated or devalued, and does not desire to it is in in the place”.

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His 2nd album Bluesman explores worries of nacional inequality and oppression, e it needed much more than der traditional music video, to empower the message e unify audiences.





Three songs são de the album estão scored into der cinematic quick film, applying universal themes of growing up, growing old, faith, family and friendship, to engage all viewers in ns quest for equality e peace.

naquela young guy is seen running through naquela surreal landscape that merges reality with imagination, including re-appropriated symbolism that resistance and dominance, com an unanticipated narrative twist. The film challenges a audience’s preconceptions that race e human value, com an underlying stress and anxiety that at some point gives way to feelings of joy e hope.



Baco Exu do Blues is harnessing his communication to an obstacle bigotry e injustice, e has become an inspirational social force porque o Brazil.

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The album and film have received der string the awards, and have generated 20 million youtube views e a 495% rise in a artist’s monthly Spotify listeners. Ns film has actually sparked critical new debate on institutionalised racism, and has inspired naquela national movement whereby people ~ ~ identifying themselves as ‘Bluesman’ in assistance of Baco Exu dá Blues’ message.


Grand Prix

Fan Engagement e Community building

Afropunk Brazilian artist Baco Exu são de Blues' gorgeous novo film Shots an ode to black color culture e to ns fight versus racial prejudice