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"This is a really great youtube alternative app, ns love it!" - hampyb"It’s amazing app it’s best ao iPhone users and it’s ideal app porque o listening music and watching videos conectados or offline" - Fateah sahab“So awesome totally free music são de YouTube just what I've to be looking porque o thanks so lot snaptube!” - fluffy pig201Snaptube allows you search、stream e organize music directly em ~ YouTube, construct playlists, re-superstructure music com friends, e more. Snaptube additionally save music e video, then you can play them anytime anywhere. Best of all? IT'S FREE!Here's der brief rundown of Snaptube’s features:1. Search and stream any type of music são de YouTube, e save them para offline playing2. POWER-SAVING mode lets you listen to music there is no interrupt3. Download facebook & instagram photos e videos to sistema photo album4. Login e sync her playlist, friend can manage your playlist anywhereWith over 1 million everyday users, it's clear that Snaptube is a best music experience on ns App Store. Baixar it now!==== Privacy & defense ====Snaptube will certainly not access or upload your account e activity data (like names, passwords, bookmarks, e more).The Incognito setting will no save any type of cookies, cache files, searching records, etc.Your encontro would be saved in a private iCloud database the can’t it is in accessed (even by the developers).Snaptube is legal, Snaptube will certainly not download any video or music são de other websites, Snaptube will not allow share any kind of unauthorized files.Snaptube Premium Provides:1. Ad-free: currently music without disturbances (no ads)2. Save youtube playlist in uma batch3. Convert video clip to Mp3 there is no limitation4. Baixar authorized documents without limitation5. Conserve as countless as possible songs in your very own playlists6. Alto Quality musicYearly price: $37.99Quarter price: $14.49Monthly price: $6.49Weekly price: $1.49If girlfriend subscribe via iTunes:Payment will certainly be charged to iTunes Account at check of a purchase. Subscription immediately renews uneven auto-renew is turned turn off at the very least 24 hours prior to the fim of a current period.

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Account will be charged porque o renewal within 24 hours prior come the fim of the current duration at a rate of the selected plan. Subscriptions e auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account settings after purchase.Snaptube premium terms: Policy: