Do friend know como as to download WhatsApp backup são de Google journey to computer ? If you do not understand then over there is no reason to worry. Today, in this tutorial,I will let you know how you will take naquela backup of her WhatsApp encontro from google drive to PC.

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Before letting you understand about how to download WhatsApp backup a partir de google drive to computer ,it is essential porque o us to know the given listed below things. 

How to backup your WhatsApp bate-papo or dia on google drive.How to discover WhatsApp dia in google drive.

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Let’s importar started and understand how to backup and find WhatsApp encontro on google drive one by one e then lastly I will let you know about how to download WhatsApp backup from Google journey to PC.

How to backup Your WhatsApp chat or dia on google Drive

To back your WhatsApp data on google drive from your android devices, follow ns given listed below steps.

STEP 1: Tap a WhatsApp apps icon.STEP 2: Then go to ns “Settings” section by tapping ns three mudança longitudinal dots easily accessible on the pólo top right corner of her screen.
STEP 3: Enter ns “Chats” section.
STEP 4: agora tap to “Chat backup and then click the “BACK UP” button.STEP 5: Note: To backup your encontro on google drive friend would need to connect your phone to WiFi.

Right now, you have understood how you will take der backup of her WhatsApp encontro on google drive a partir de your android device. Now let united state see como as we will find WhatsApp encontro on google drive.

How To find WhatsApp encontro on google Drive Using desktop Computer

Follow a given listed below instructions to uncover WhatsApp data on google drive utilizing your desktop computer or laptop.

STEP 2: agora click “Go To google Drive”.
STEP 3: To continue to google drive friend would have to sign in com your Gmail id. Get in your email id and password and then finally you will be redirected come the google Drive.STEP 5: On the top ideal clicks “Backups and you will able to find your WhatsApp back-up data.

NOTE:The over given steps estão exclusively for desktop computers, if you want to discover your WhatsApp encontro from your android smartphone. Then you would must follow ns given listed below steps.

Finding WhatsApp encontro On google Drive making use of Android Smartphone

STEP 1: madness the google Drive symbol on your android smartphone. The drive symbol will look choose this
STEP 2: then tap ns three longitudinais lines obtainable on the extremo left corner of a screen.
STEP 3: choose “Backups”.
STEP 4: lastly you will have the ability to see your WhatsApp back up here.

Note: if you are still detect it tough to find your WhatsApp backup from your smartphone then I would recommend you to open up Google Chrome browser on your smartphone and then insert ns URL on a address bar. And then transform your drive right into “desktop site” by clicking ns three dots obtainable on the extreme right edge of ns address bar.

Now girlfriend would be able to see your google Drive in a desktop version. Agora follow tudo the steps described in the beginning of this tutorial. 

Now, I saltar you have construed about como as to uncover WhatsApp data e how to backup WhatsApp chat on google Drive. Permit us now dive into a main subject of our article, that is, how to download WhatsApp backup em ~ Google journey to PC.

How To download WhatsApp Backup from Google journey to PC

Right now there are no features available to baixar WhatsApp Backup a partir de Google drive to PC.

To it is in honest com you I have actually tried todos the tips e tricks yet nothing has worked till now. Yet there ser estar few tip which friend can use to pegue your WhatsApp backup são de Google Drive.

Let me tell girlfriend know how you can remover backup action by step.

STEP 1: connect your smartphones with your pc or laptop.STEP 2: Click to “Phone MemorySTEP 3: Select WhatsApp folder.STEP 4: Copy e Paste ns WhatsApp backup on your computer or pc .

Note: If you have uninstalled her WhatsApp account from your smartphone e if in the future you made up your mind come reinstall it then you can quickly restore your backup em ~ Google drive yet right now there is durante option in google drive to download the WhatsApp backup. You deserve to “Turn Off” or “Delete Backup”but you cannot download it.


In this caminho you will be able to download your WhatsApp backup a partir de Google drive to her computer. By the way, if in a future I compreendo to understand about como as to baixar Whatsapp backup a partir de Google drive to pc then absolutely I will certainly write an article on this topic e will let girlfriend know com step by step guidance.

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