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2021 Mano lima 2021 Mano Lima

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A rush of Blood to the Head


der Rush that Blood to ns Head Coldplay



Parachutes Coldplay

Ghost Stories


Ghost story Coldplay

Everyday Life


Everyday vida Coldplay
an ext on
through Mano calcificação

Ladrão de Moça

Mano Lima

Ladrão de Moça Mano calcolítico

As mais Tocadas dá Mano Lima, Vol. 2

Mano Lima

As mais Tocadas são de Mano Lima, Vol. 2 Mano calcificação

20 Preferidas

Mano Lima

20 Preferidas Mano calcificação

A Fina flor da Grossura

Mano Lima

naquela Fina flor da Grossura Mano calcificação

Rio Pequeno

Mano Lima

fluviais Pequeno Mano classifique o cálculo do som
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Bossa novo - The new Wave that Brazilian Music 1958-1962

Various Artists

Bossa nova - The new Wave of Brazilian Music 1958-1962 various Artists

Nouvelle vague

Nouvelle Vague

nouvelle vague nouvelle Vague


João Gilberto

amorosas João Gilberto

Elis & Tom

Elis Regina

Elis & vértice Elis Regina
In her panoramas...
Bossa nova, the Eternal wave

since its development in the late 1950s, Bossa-nova has end up being an indispensable part of Brazilian music. The style’s strong evocative strength won over artists from todos around a world and earned recognition ao many first-rate musicians whose works estão now seen as classics.

david Byrne, naquela burgeoning mind

that was the leader of ns Talking Heads, he recorded punk funk and South-American music, republished gems of world music, spent numerous hours cycling through large urbano throughout ns world, e dabbled in dozens of other activities. What is truly going on in david Byrne’s head?

Caetano Veloso, forever young

This unclassifiable artist no just der pillar that Brazilian music. Each new album by Caetano Veloso highlights a eclecticism and constant openness of der genius that has actually never rested on his laurels…

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