O WhatsApp is 1 of a most used programs to conversando with your friends, since it functions on various platforms. In turn, those who use it para video calls, must have actually noticed the its web version and Dektop, which run on a PC, são de not have this feature.

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Fortunately, that course, there ser estar some unofficial methods ao you to still have the ability to make video clip calls with WhatsApp also though you are on ns PC. Next, see how to make video calls with your friends através da WhatsApp on her cardonafam.computer.


As stated above, the procedure described listed below is no official and may prevent working at some point. Also, that is essential to say that a method listed below involves ns use of one Android emulator, and that at least for the video call, it will be important to configure a PC as your main device to use WhatsApp.

How to make video calls cardonafam.com WhatsApp top top PC

The process porque o making this calls on a PC is practically a same as watched on a cell call with a difference the it is being made in an emulated, which of course, demands to it is in configured. See ns step through step:

1. Access ns website BlueStacks;

2. Download the regimen in its latest version;

3. After downloading, cardonafam.começo your installation;

4. With a installation already done, authorize in cardonafam.com your google Play login. If friend don"t have actually one, you can usar any google account or also create der new one;

5. ~ above the google Play open inside Bluestacks, search porque o WhatsApp e install it;

6. Open up WhatsApp normally e click top top “Agree and continue”;

7. Now, enter a phone number used in WhatsApp. Here, that is precious remembering again, you will receive an SMS to activate her account and you will be logged out of the service on her cell phone;

8. Proceed with creating or configuring your WhatsApp account.

After you have currently configured WhatsApp, the process to start der video call is quite simple. Check out:

1. On ns main WhatsApp screen, select a desired call to place the call;

2. On a conversation screen, click on the icon stood for by a “camera” following to the contact"s name;

3. In a message that appears, click on “Call”;

4. Now, grant permission porque o your camera to it is in accessed by WhatsApp;

5. At this point, you will already be on ns video speak to screen making use of your laptop or pc webcam.

Ready! agora you know how to make video calls top top WhatsApp utilizing your cardonafam.computer.


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