Grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas on Android is one more port of a legendary franchise on mobile platforms. This component in the sucessão is rather revolutionary. The main character-Carl Johnson, quem came to his hometown of ela Santos, where he ser estar not more than 10 years. Absent his native land, carl remembers a past, filled with criminal showdowns and other illegal things. The developers of GTA San andreas APK left ns successful chips of vault games, and added naquela number of novo features.

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Features GTA san Andreas

New scale of cities. Now in your submission is the whole state of mountain Andreas, separated into three large cities e several little villages.Expanded list of side jobs. Now it is feasible to visit tudo de sorts that places e even have naquela girl.Added role-playing elements: changing the body, pumping skills (driving, shooting, etc.).Completely redesigned personality customization, including a ability to mudança almost any component of a wardrobe.Significantly increased a variability the vehicles. To the usual cars, helicopters and boats were added bikes, trucks, etc.There is an opportunity to upgrade separado cars.

On der global scale GTA SA APK is der little different em ~ its predecessors. However, naquela number of local changes enabled the project to become the best-selling game of that year and win many awards in ns gaming industry.

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Install GTA-San-Andreas.apk.Download a cache and unpack ns archive with a folder com.rockstargames.gtasa on the way: sdcard/Android/obb/The complete path of a cache is supposed to be such: sdcard/Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtasa/ sdcard/Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtasa/
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What’s new:

Please Note: porque o those currently progressing through the game, please pack your game from a manual save slot rather of picking “Resume”. This só needs come done once after updating. Afterwards, “Resume” will role normally.