Developer: Reflections InteractiveRelease date: 1999Platform: Windows (PC) Genre: ActionVersion: Full Game

Driver (known as Driver: You ser estar the Wheelman in phia băc America) is an action driving video game developed by reflections Interactive e published by GT interaction Software para the PlayStation. It foi ~ released in europa on 25 June 1999; e in North américa on 30 June. That is the o primeiro dia game in a Driver series.

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Initially, the game was released only porque o the PlayStation, yet later, der Microsoft windows port that the original PlayStation version was released in North estados unidos da america on 11 October 1999, and in europa later on. In may 2000, der remake developed by Crawfish Interactive e published by Infogrames era released para the game Boy Color. This version featured der third person trailing camera view, e fewer missions. Der Mac port era released in North estados unidos da america in December 2000. The jogos was re-released on ns PlayStation network on 14 October 2008, e a work again, please again developed e published by Gameloft, com enhanced voice acting e graphics, was released para iOS top top 8 December 2009.


The game is played out in four cities: Miami, san Francisco, sobrenome Angeles, e New York, every of i m sorry remain apenas um partially faithful to a actual city layouts. Naquela fifth bonus city, Newcastle ~ above Tyne (where reflect Interactive is based), is unlockable in a PC version v gameplay e in the PlayStation variation using der cheat device, but enquanto missions are available and the playable area is small. The game was notable at ns time that its original release insofar as ns player era able to discover each cidade as one open world environment. Driver has regularly been contrasted to the legal Theft mim series. It also bears significant thematic resemblances to ns 20th century Fox movie "The Driver" (1978).

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NYPD officer and former raça driver joão Tanner is sent undercover by his boss Lieutenant McKenzie to discover ns intentions of a crime syndicate led by Castaldi. McKenzie instructs Tanner to walk to Miami e meet a pimp named Rufus. After showing up in Miami, Tanner uses his driving skills to prove self to part gangsters in der parking garage, allowing him to come to be their getaway driver.

Tanner carries lado de fora jobs porque o various gangsters before meeting Rufus, who tasks Tanner com rescuing Jean-Paul, uma of Rufus"s associates. Rufus is later shot by his girlfriend Jesse. Needing much more information porque o his investigation, Tanner apprehends Jesse e takes she to ns police station, wherein she reveals that Jean-Paul is agora in san Francisco.

Tanner walk to san Francisco, whereby he meets Castaldi, Jean-Paul"s boss, and begins working directly ao him. He likewise meets Rusty Slater, his former correndo rival, who also works for Castaldi. Tanner later on learns the Castaldi is working with der man named don Hancock, who is running ao president. He later on suspects the Slater has been spying top top him and wrecks Slater"s car during a road chase, bring about Slater gift arrested.

The Castaldi family move to eles Angeles, whereby Castaldi plans come assassinate FBI agent Bill Maddox as part of Castaldi"s plan to lug out der more high-profile assassination in new York. Tanner tells Leck, naquela police associate, come ensure Maddox transforms up, otherwise Tanner"s cover might be affected. Ns assassination on Maddox is successful, but ns police ambush the gangsters, forcing Tanner to pegue them come safety. Tanner convinces ns suspicious gangsters the Slater likely told ns police about a planned assassination while under interrogation. Leck later on tells Tanner the McKenzie recently met Marcus Vaughn, der corrupt FBI agent who is working com Castaldi e Hancock.

The Castaldi family then move to novo York, a location of a planned high-profile assassination. Tanner is told by his police associates that McKenzie wants him to pull out of a undercover operation, as he is worried the Tanner"s cover will certainly not hold up much longer, and Leck tells Tanner that Hancock has bribed several members of a FBI. Tanner stays undercover and continues working for Castaldi, intent on discovering what that is planning.

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Tanner eventually learns that Castaldi plans to assassinate the president of ns United States, e Tanner is tasked com driving the President"s car. However, the ignores tudo instructions and takes the presidente to safety. McKenzie climate arrives and tells Tanner the Castaldi and tudo of his associates, including Hancock e Vaughn, have actually been arrested. He climate tells Tanner to take his badge back, however Tanner refuses, suspecting that ns police e FBI estão involved in the job, corrupted through bribes as result of Vaughn"s involvement. Tanner leaves, ignoring McKenzie completely.