Some songs apenas um exist top top YouTube. Ns video localização is a well of musical diversity, but it does have actually some restrictions on cardonafam.como as you can consume that is content.

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Thus, your options para listening to music ~ above Google"s transmissão service are limited. 1 of a alternatives the exist is simply to use naquela tool that enables you to download only a audio of a material transmissão on YouTube, producing an .mp3 document on her cell phone. Ns process is easy e can be excellent without having to baixar an application.

Another an approach uses a specific applications - called Snaptube, it permits you to baixar videos or music a partir de your Android phone. O olhar Digital explains below cardonafam.como as to download music a partir de both methods.

How to baixar music from YouTube top top Android without installing any apps

The tip listed below applies only to Android - it is not feasible to repeat a same actions on iPhones. Examine below cardonafam.como as to baixar the songs:

1)Find any video of your an option on YouTube;

2)Tap "Share" e select "Copy link";

3)Open her mobile browser e access a;

The página? ˅ goes right to a point, but its interface may be in German when you accessibility it. If you prefer, touch a US flag in a upper right corner of ns screen to move to English.

4)In the “Videolink (URL) einfügen” or “Insert video clip link (URL)” field, paste ns video link;

5)You have the right to select the audio format you desire to download;

You have a option of downloading and install in the traditional mp3 layout or any type of other of her choice. We recardonafam.commend no to mess, but the option is over there if girlfriend want.

6)Press "convert" or "umwandenln" to cardonafam.começar the conversion e proceed;

7)You deserve to choose the tags or skip that cardonafam.component entirely;

The tags serve para the file to be recognized more fully by your music player and facilitate organization. If the doesn"t matter, just pick “Skip this page (no tags)”; otherwise, edit information such as artist name, a música name and album e whether the YouTube video cover will be offered as der preview image of ns song. Then push "Continue".

8)Tap "Download" and download your file.

How to download using Snaptube

Installing Snaptube

As Snaptube is not obtainable on google Play, it is crucial to download the applications directly em ~ its main website. Ao that, justclick here. However first, it is necessary to enable ns installation of unknown sources on Android. Here"s how to a partir de it:

Access the "Device Settings" screen e enter "Lock e Security Screen";


Find a option to install apps são de “Unknown sources” e enable it;


Go to ns official website of a app and tap "Download". When notified about the download, click “Download”;


Wait for the document to end up downloading and install it once you run it.


Using Snaptube

Now that a application is currently installed, simply configure it para the first use and start using it. Here"s how to são de it:

Open ns application e proceed with the explanation of a application;

When using ns app"s search sistema or browsing one of ns categories the brings, just enter naquela video, walk to a “Download” option to download e choose a format in i m sorry it will certainly be saved.


If you don"t want to download videos from YouTube, you can use the app any video são de platforms favor Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, among other options. Monitor these measures to baixar them:

On any kind of screen of the program, access a "I" tab e enter "Video sites";


Select one of the sites em ~ the list e choose a video to download;


When loading it, click on a “down arrow” e select a format to save it.


On acima de of that, Snaptube likewise brings advantageous features to ns services it supports. it, ao example, you can listen to naquela song on youtube without downloading the file with a phone"s screen locked, or permit it run in a floating window while using other applications. Back simple, Snaptube additionally has der music player to toque the records that estão stored on ns phone.

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Attention, it foi ~ recently discovered that a app SnapTube is connected in subscribing to services and generating clicks top top ads without users" consent; the is, the is an ext of one “adware” case.