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It"s valuable to know how to download videos em ~ Facebook. Video sharing is 1 of ns main reasons that people guarda coming back to Facebook, yet it’s no in the sociedade network"s interests to let you baixar video to relógio elsewhere.

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Although there"s a button beside clips on ns website that says “Save video," todos this does is add ns video to your “saved video” bookmarks to watch later on Facebook. That’s not idealizar if you should share personal videos with friends e family who don’t have der Facebook account, or you just want accessibility to der video to vejo offline.

Additionally, private video uploads can well be personal for der reason, so you should check with the person who Facebook video you plan to download before proceeding.

How to baixar videos a partir de Facebook top top desktop

1. In your desktop computer browser, go to a Facebook website and find the video you desire to download. Porque o the functions of this guide, we’ll use a most recent video clip on the official Tom’s guide Facebook page.

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

2. Click the video that you’re interested in. When ns clip start playing, click ns three dot button on ns right-hand ao lado of ns video.

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

3. In ns drop-down cardápio that opens, click “Copy link." It’s the fourth itens down.

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

4. Paste this attach into a new web browser tab. It might be shortened to an "" link. If so, press Enter so the expands and you must be left com something that looks like the link in a screenshot below.

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

5. Now change the URL in the address bar so that “www” is readjusted to “mbasic."

So, in the example above, i do not care

Press Enter, and you’ll it is in presented com an feio mobile view, as watched below.

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

7. In the novo tab, the Facebook video clip will be the somente thing ~ above display. Right click it, and choose “Save video as” to download the video to your computer.

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

How to download videos são de Facebook on mobile

Downloading facebook videos on mobile is a whole different kettle that fish, e while there are apps that case to a partir de it, a far simpler caminho is come use the website This works on Android e iOS, yet you"ll need to baixar the Firefox web browser on an iphone phone or iPad, as a site doesn"t pack properly in Safari.

Bear in mind that this method apenas um works ~ above publicly common Facebook videos.

1. Open ns Facebook mobile app and log in.

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

2. Find ns video you want to download, and press a ‘Share’ button underneath.

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

3. Swipe throughout until you find a option categoria “Copy Link." insanity it.

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

4. open up your mobile browser (remember, to usar Firefox if you’re on one iPhone) e head to

Paste the video URL into ns box in a middle of a page, and press “Download."

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

5. On a next page, press the link to download in one of two people “Normal Quality” or “High Quality." This will certainly impact ns file size and how lot space the video takes up on your mobile device.

(Image credit: Alan Martin)

6. This will open another page demonstrar just ns Facebook video. Long-press the clip and then madness “Download video” when a option appears.

The video will agora be saved to your mobile device, whereby you can toque it offline e keep it porque o as long as you want.

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