Here"s whatever you require to know about como as to baixar YouTube videos on desktop e mobile

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Learning how to baixar YouTube videos can be really useful in specific circumstances, such as as soon as you"re traveling. There estão several boa reasons why you can want to baixar videos são de YouTube, such together if you"re not going to have an cíniras connection for der while and want to conserve them porque o offline viewing.

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Downloading youtube videos to your phone over Wi-Fi is also der way to save on dia usage charges. E you won"t need to worry around buffering led to by rede congestion e slowdown.

YouTube makes it straightforward to share videos top top social médio or pela embeds. However is it resfriamento to download YouTube videos come keep? We resolve that issue below, to ensure you remain on ns right ao lado of ns law (and youtube itself).

If you desire to know how to download YouTube videos for personal usar offline, here"s der complete guide on how to a partir de it on iPhone and iPad, Android, Mac, e Windows PC.

How to download Youtube videos on
iPhones e iPads


Android phones e tablets

Windows PCs

Is downloading youtube videos legal? What you need to know

According to Google"s regards to service ao YouTube, a answer is no: "You may access contente for your information e personal usar solely as intended through ns provided functionality of ns Service e as allowed under these regards to Service. Girlfriend shall not download any contente unless friend see a "download" or o mesmo, semelhante link presented by youtube on ns Service para that Content."

If you desire to download YouTube videos, the only way to dá so responsibly is through paying ns $11.99 for YouTube Premium.

If friend violate ns YouTube ToS, the a empresa may terminate your account, as listed here: "YouTube will terminate a user"s accessibility to a Service if, under ideal circumstances, a user is established to be a repeat infringer."

How to baixar YouTube videos ~ above iPhone e iPad

Downloading youtube videos on your iPhone and iPad is a bit tricky, since Apple polices ns apps easily accessible in its store. If you jailbreak your phone, there ser estar more options, but if you don"t want to go that route, here"s ns best and easiest way.

1. Download e open the app Documents by Readdle.

2. Tap on ns compass icon to open the web browser e go come

3. Paste a YouTube video clip link in the text box e tap "Download." After naquela few moments, ns video will decode and generate a list of various output format e quality options.

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4. Insanity "Download" on a preferred calculation option.

5. Enter a name e download location para the video.

6. Tap ns Downloads section in ns bottom navigation bar to panorama your downloaded videos within ns Documents app.

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7. To save your download videos to her iPhone or iPad tough drive, go earlier to the Documents app pagina inicial screen e open your Downloads folder.

8. Find ns video you want and tap a three dots icon on it.

9. Tap on share andthen save Video.

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10. You have the right to find a downloaded youtube videos in a Photos app.

How to baixar YouTube videos on Mac

There ser estar several tools and programs that enable you to download YouTube videos on a Mac.

One easy caminho is come use a screen capture tool constructed into macOS. It won"t be high quality however it"s something. Simply press Command + shift + 5 to lug up ns screen record options. You deserve to select der window or record the entire screen, and change a options to encompass audio from your Mac"s microphone.

The ideal program ao downloading youtube videos top top Mac in alto quality formats is 4K video clip Downloader. It"s free para up come 30 downloads naquela day, or you deserve to upgrade to uma of the premium plans. The programas can baixar videos in approximately 8K quality e in der variety of formats. And 4K video Downloader can likewise grab entire youtube playlists.

Here"s how to usar it:

1. Download and install 4K video clip Downloader and open ns program.

2. Find naquela YouTube video e copy ns link.

4. Click Paste attach in ns menu.

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How to download YouTube videos ~ above Android

Downloading youtube videos com an Android app from the google Play keep is going to be impossible, because google prohibits together tools. However, you have the right to get a YouTube downloader on your phone or tablet by installing naquela APK file from outside the toque store, choose our top suggestion TubeMate. Here"s how to usar it.

1. Download TubeMate and install on her Android phone. You might need to change your security settings.

2. Open up TubeMate and search for der YouTube video.

3. Tap ns green download button.

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How to download YouTube videos on naquela PC

The best caminho to download YouTube videos to naquela Windows pc is to use 4K video Downloader. Follow the same procedures that us outlined above para downloading youtube videos ~ above Mac.

However, there"s also another caminho to baixar YouTube videos to your PC, using ns excellent complimentary program VLC médio Player. Here"s como as to dá it.

1. Download e install a latest variation of VLC média Player, if you don"t already have the program ~ above your windows PC.

2. Copy the URL of naquela YouTube video to her clipboard.

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3. Open VLC and click the médio menu in the top-left corner. Select Open network Stream.