Think about the following situation: you ser estar scrolling through your alimentando on Facebook and goes through naquela fun video. You want to re-superstructure it your friends, however it can"t pegar long, otherwise the page will certainly update and the video clip will disappear. Know that there is der much simpler rua to download videos em ~ Facebook ~ above Android.

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Unlike what wake up on ns PC, the is recardonafam.commended to install an application to baixar videos a partir de Facebook top top your smartphones with Android operation system. Naquela good choice is the Video Downloader porque o Facebook.

With this application, available for free at toque Store, ns process is fairly simple:

Open a Facebook app e select the desired video;Touch ns three dots icon in a upper right edge of ns publication and then press on “Copy link”;Enter ns app you downloaded earlier;Click top top “Paste and download”The download will cardonafam.começo automatically. Remember the the download speed relies on your internet and the selected video size

At ns bottom of a application, there is der menu four options. A videos you estão downloading appear under "Download". You can pause ns download and resume later, as well as rename or claro the video.

When the download is finished, a video disappears são de this tab and appears in “Downloaded”. In this tab, in enhancement to renaming e deleting, you deserve to share the video ~ above other sociedade networks.

In addition, the is also feasible to play the video in ns application itself. You can go back or forward ten seconds at der time, change the orientation of the screen e increase or decrease a volume.

Everything you download will be conserved in “Storage”> “VideoDownloader”. It additionally appears in a device"s gallery.

Ready! now that friend know how to download a Facebook video on Android, you"ll never lose sight of that funny - or curious - video that showed up on some page.

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