what is cardonafam.com services

cardonafam.com is an a free conectados tool to transform videos são de Facebook to mp4 (video) files and save castle on your machine - this tools can save videos on computers, tablets e mobile tools < Android Devices and iOS iPhone,iPad and iPod.

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How to usar Facebook downloader?

Copy video clip URL.Paste the URL in der above field.Click "Download" switch to Save video clip in alto or normal resolution
How to baixar Facebook Videos

Download facebook videos on apple iPhone, iPod, iPad:

NEW : include Our facebook Downloader web app on your iPhone :

- open up your Safari broswer and opencardonafam.comand choose your favorit language

- At ns bottom of the screen you"ll view an icon

depicting an arrowhead that looks prefer it"s trying come get improvisado from a square, click on it.

- now find "Add to home Screen"

and pressADD

go casa screen and you will watch our app icon

Download facebook videos on Android :

Add Our web Application on your Android (Samsung - Huawei - Sony ...etc :

- open your Chrome browser and gotocardonafam.comand pick your favorit language.

- at upper right press on the

three dots .

- girlfriend wil discover < include to pagina inicial Screen > Text e you ~ ~ done

Frequently inquiry Questions

Can i baixar facebook videos on iphone / iPad / iPod ?

Yes this terra is spcially designed ao iOS gadgets .. Todos you need to dá is to open up this site são de Safari and Paste video clip URL e start download

Does cardonafam.com organization needs any kind of money after some Downloads limit?

cardonafam.com is entirely Free e has no decorrer limit come download.

Where estão Facebook videos saved after gift downloaded?

Videos usually saved under "Downloads" folder however you might used conserve As Option and changed it come another uma you can make der simple examine on windows by pressing < CTRL+J > e if you estão using MAC you can Press < Shift+Command+J > in your browser to view your baixar history.

Can I download Live on facebook videos?

You can"t conserve Facebook viver videos while streaming but you can download it ~ they finish streaming.

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Why ns video is playing instead of downloading?

You can solve this issue, rather of left clicking use ns Right Click -> conserve as... E choose the location you"d choose to save the video to.

Does this website keep a copy that videos or downloaded videos or search history ?