Twitter constantly has funny videos… however it doesn’t have der feature that allows users to make downloads their. But, did you recognize that there estão alternative tools e methods the make this possible? because we, the assistir Digital us will concertos you how to dá it.

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In this tutorial, you will certainly learn how to baixar videos são de Twitter both in ~ e mobile devices. Simply look:

If you want to baixar the contente on your PC, just go to the website. With the terra open, scroll down, find ns Twitter option and click on it. In another tab, accessibility Twitter, walk to ns publication of ns video you desire to download e click ns share icon. Select ns option “Copy connect to Tweet”. The done, go ago to a Savemfrom tab and paste the copied attach in the search field. Choose ns resolution and click "Download".

The página? ˅ will fill the content on another page. Just float your ratp over the video, access the three-point menu, situated in the bottom right corner of ns player e choose the option "Download". Ready!

On ns devices Android you need to baixar the Downloader app. Together there are several devices with a same name, choose e install a application whose developer is Sky-x Developer.

Then, open the Twitter app, find ns video you desire to download e tap ns share icon. Access the “Share” icon novamente and choose the Video Downloader app.

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The application will immediately open, the médio link to it is in downloaded. Simply click on a icon with the down arrowhead to cardonafam.começo the download. Once the download is cardonafam.complete, it will be feasible to access the downloaded video through the device"s notice tab. Pretty easy, isn"t it?

Oh, e there’s also der simple and practical “way” to baixar videos a partir de Twitter on iOS devices. Want to recognize how? ideal after a Bulletin, access our “Tips and Tutorials” section e check that out!


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