Except porque o Spotify and Apple Music, youtube is also a great lugar, colocar to hear to music. Some human being enjoy play Solitaire, yet others choose watching and listening come music videos from YouTube. However, it would be much more convenient if human being can listen to ns audio file offline. E this is possible. If you have an Android device, we ser estar happy come tell you that there estão dozens of free youtube converters i m sorry can download audio from YouTube.

Read on to know a perfect solution if you desire to download an audio file em ~ YouTube come Android.

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About VidPaw App

If you are searching para an ad-free, fast, e not confusing to use a converter to download YouTube audio to Android, VidPaw App for Android is ns right tool.

• VidPaw app supports friend to baixar unlimited online audios or videos porque o 100% Free.

• VidPaw app can convert ns audio document in alto quality including 320kbps, 256kbps, 192kbps, 128kbps and etc.

• VidPaw App enables you to download online audios or videos a partir de over 1,000 sites.

• registration is not required.

• Ads-free e safe.


How to download Audio File em ~ YouTube ~ above Android?

With a versatile VidPaw App, you can easily baixar any audio a partir de YouTube top top Android. Aqui is a simple guide on how to download audio são de YouTube on Android.

Note: before you download and install VidPaw App, ensure the your Android machine trusts third-party apps in setup in order to make a full use of VidPaw App.

STEP 1. Download e launch VidPaw App.

STEP 2. Enter a keywords that your preferred audio in the search bar, climate tap the search button.

STEP 3. Find the audio/video in ns search result page, and hit the download button. If you want to stream a audio/video, you have the right to tap to open up it.

STEP 4. Choose your preferred audio format e quality in the novo tab, and tap download.

STEP 5. You have the right to find the audio file in the “Downloads” section.


How to download an Audio File a partir de YouTube top top iPhone/iPad?

In situation you estão an iPhone/iPad user and don’t have an Android device, here is another solution to baixar an audio file from YouTube ~ above iPhone/iPad.

STEP 1. download a file manager app “Documents” in the App store in bespeak to use VidPaw stably.

STEP 2. Copy a YouTube URL of ns audio girlfriend would like to download and launch “Documents”.


STEP 3. Navigate come VidPaw – youtube to MP3 converter by making use of “Documents”’ inbuilt browser, and paste the youtube URL to a box. Climate select ns quality you choose in ns scroll under menu, e click on “Convert”.

STEP 4. VidPaw will certainly detect ns URL , e automatically run to naquela new tab which uses you a download link. Tap on “Download”, and you have the right to save ns YouTube audio come MP4 in “Documents” on your iPhone/iPad.

How to baixar Audio File são de YouTube top top PC?

The caminho to baixar an audio file são de YouTube on computer will be semelhante to downloading youtube audio on iPhone/iPad. But it will certainly be lot easier because you can usar the conectados version of VidPaw i beg your pardon don’t call for you come install extr software. Let’s examine out como as it works.

STEP 1. Copy the URL of her preferred youtube audio/video.

STEP 2. access to VidPaw – youtube to MP3 Converter, climate paste ns URL to the download box.

STEP 3. Choose an idealizar quality in a drop under menu, and click top top “Convert”.


STEP 4. After analyzing the URL, VidPaw will certainly jump to a new tab which administer you a download link that your preferred audio file. Struggle “Download” and VidPaw will começar to download.

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We have covered how to download audio são de YouTube on various platforms including Android, iPhone/iPad, e PC. We highly recommend Android individuals to use VidPaw app on their devices due to the fact that it is naquela great application which integrates youtube streaming e YouTube downloading duty in a single app. As para iPhone/iPad users, VidPaw – youtube to MP3 conversão is additionally worth der try.

Hope you tudo can successfully compreendo the audio document of her favorite youtube video, e enjoy listening to it offline at any time or even help increase youtube likes.