In the initial launch of Banjo-Kazooie, Rusty Pail Bay was well-known for its engine space; it"s still an inconvenience to make it through today, yet the major problem was that Notes accumulated did not conserve like they do currently. It was rather a "finest overall" when you saw the degree, so if you obtained 96 Notes as well as left, the only method to boost that was to obtain greater than 96 on one more go to. It"s a good idea this was boosted on.Warehouse Storage space When you go into the bay, go left past some wood pet crates and also you "ll locate a toll indication. Fire 2 eggs right into it to make a tiny system vacate, then proceed shooting eggs right into it to make the bridge facility itself, permitting you to backflip right into a( 1/0)Mumbo Symbol. Talon trot throughout the roof beyond of the bridge, make note of the yellow Jinjo on a buoy, and after that strike the clear home window beyond to go into the building.Hide advertisements You ought to come down on a wood slab. Follow it to the back wall surface and also relocate in the direction of the edge the

electronic camera is

positioned in, then do a backflip to obtain a very easy very first (01/10)Jiggy. Then get to the opposite side of the space and also gather the( 004/100)Notes in the various other edge. You"llneed to swim outof the space to leave. The oily water below remains in truth so powerful that you won"t have the ability to take a breath appropriately by also remaining on the surface area, so it" s crucial to lower swim time as high as feasible. Swim over to the yellow(1/5)Jinjo you saw earlier(look out for an additional shark)as well as capture your breath there. As soon as you"ve conserved him, search in the water for an opening in the wall surface as well as swim right into it.There"s a button you can trigger beyond of this structure that will certainly create a(1/2 )Honeycomb Item to appear up in the air. Leave the space by swimming out of the opening you originated from, capture your breath on the

buoy, then swim back to the begin of the location and also make use of the ladder to obtain onto land. Cross the toll bridge once more as well as obtain onto the roofing(beware not to drop in the home window once again)so you can accumulate minority(009/100 )Notes in addition to the fencing bordering the buoy and also its shark. Cross the 2nd roof as well as you" ll remain in one more edge of the bay, which includes a reasonable quantity of harmful sludge. Meticulously leap about and also take the(012/100 )Notes, the (2/0) Mumbo Symbol, as well as (2/5 )Jinjo stuck in addition to the barrels, then go back to safety.The Cranes Previous the sludge is a TNT box adversary, which you can beat by either shooting eggs at it or by utilizing gold plumes. After you take it down, utilize a shock dive to reacha couple of (015/100)Notes as well as the controls for the crane. Do a+strike on the up arrowhead to relocate the crane"s cage up from the( 02/10

Jiggy below it. To reach it in time, you"ll demand to go up to the top of the crane and also dive onto the deck prior to the cage returns down once again. Begin waving your wings prior to you struck the ground to prevent unneeded damages. Don"t accumulate anything on the Rusty Pail with the exception of this Jiggy so you can extra conveniently track what you have. There "s a ladder in the water near the sludge edge that you can utilize to go back to the base of the crane.By walking to the opposite side of the crane, you "ll locate one more toll bridge. You just require to provide it 4 eggs to make the bridge attach correctly. The following 3 points to check out are blue delivery containers. The initial one you see will certainly be open; just stroll within as well as take every one of the(023/100)Notes and also the( 3/0)Mumbo Symbol prior to you go. If you require to make use of the honeycombs secured by , just do so when you"re performed with this container and also can leave right away.The 2nd container can just be accessed by leaping via the opening in addition to it. Go by the 3rd and also 2nd containers and also utilize some wood boxes to reach the roofing system. There are a couple of opponents in the 2nd container, however they" re conveniently gotten rid of. Conserve heaven(3/5 )Jinjo and also take a brand-new( 4/0 )Mumbo Symbol prior to you leave. The 3rd container just has 4(027/100)Notes in it and also are protected by 4 TNT boxes. Simply take the Notes and also leave; the only point you obtain for beating the opponents isan added life. When you "re performed with all 3 containers, reach the top of the initial crane again.The simplest method to reach the 2nd crane would certainly be to pay the toll bridge from the opposite, yet the eggs you discharge regrettably despawn prior to they can get to the opening because of the range. Dive from the very first crane onto the Rusty Pail (beware not to get anything vital yet)and afterwards go up the rope of the 2nd crane so you can succeed. From there, take a trip to the base of the crane as well as pay the toll bridges on both sides. The crane itself has 3 even more(030/100)Notes on it, and also the extra pricey bridge causes a single (4/5 )Jinjo. The 2nd crane likewise has an arrowhead that you require to press in, yet this moment it" ll decrease a TNT container as well as does not have actually a timed event.Before You Board Go back to the beginning location nevertheless you really feel fits, gathering as couple of points as feasible so your total amounts aren "t off-sync with these, and afterwards take a right from the beginning factor. There are 4(034/100) Notes in the edge by a honeycomb container
. After you take them, dive under the water and also search for an opening in a fencing. Inside is the last(5/5) Jinjo, that drops their(03/10) Jiggy right into the water. Leave this little space to obtain your air back prior to returning to select the Jiggy up.Return to the really initial toll bridge you came to if required. You might have currently discovered a dolphin caught undersea by the Rusty Container"s support. Rather than coming close to the dolphin, quickly establish your views on the opening in the watercraft that the support"s chain originates from as well as swim right into it. The chain results in a collection of areas, the last of which has 4 even more (038/100)Notes as well as the switch to launch the dolphin. Rather than being an excellent individual, he "ll leave a(04/10)Jiggy for you at the end of the water. Swim to it as well as choose it up after

you leave the ship "s underbelly. That must be every little thing beyond the Rusty Container -currently it"s time to formally board the ship.The Engine Area Take the (043/100 )Notes on the pathway approximately the deck and after that walk without leaping to a brand-new elevation till you locate an air vent with a mean face on it. Burst the home window beside it and also leap inside to locate several of the staff "s quarters. There are 4(047/100)Notes on the ground as well as a (5/0 )Mumbo Symbol on among the greater beds on the right. When you "re done, backtrack to where you boarded as well as delve into the organized as well as extremely wonderful air vent. In this area is one more(6/0)Mumbo Symbol and also a couple of even more( 052/100) Notes. Go back to the deck and also reach the main smokestack, which is white as well as red. There"s a tiny door on it that you can burst, which brings about the well known engine space. Rather than taking the ladder down, simply go down straight to the flooring and also flap prior to you struck the ground to stay clear of damages. Right over the entrance right into the engine area is a tube that you can backflip right into. The various other( 2/2 )Honeycomb Item stays in this tube. On the very first relocating item, meticulously take a(7/0 )Mumbo Symbol prior to you make it to the opposite. When you "ve climbed up the transforming equipments, you have 2 methods of relocating ahead, yet both are needed. Await the turning item on your left

to quit relocating so you can cross it as well as take the(056/100)Notes because edge(as well as if you seem like taking dangers, the (8/0 )Mumbo Symbol close by). Then go across the steel item that quits with a huge portion that you need to backflip over as well as lower on the huge follower button there. Once it "s triggered, go across the turning cyndrical tubes completely to the appropriate side of the area as well as grab the(060/100)Notes and also (9/0 )Mumbo Symbol on that particular end, then trigger the various other follower button. Neglect the remainder of the rewards in the engine space, due to the fact that you"ll currently have 65 secs to obtain to the( 05/10)Jiggy in the rear of the ship. Hurry out and also obtain it prior to the followers transform back on once more, then most likely to the deck at the rear of the ship.There are 6(066/100)Notes at the back, and also in a neighboring lifeboat is a( 10/0) Mumbo Symbol. Dive right into one more air vent to reach an area attached to the engine area, which likewise has a couple of(070/100)Notes in it. Striking the button in right here will certainly make the followers in the engine space reduce every couple of secs; go back to the engine area as well as get the last 4( 074/100 )Notes and also the(06/10)Jiggy past them.Unloading the Ship Make your method approximately the rope connected to the 2nd crane and also climb up it to the leading once again. You ought to see the button for Gruntilda"s Burrow within leaping range. It" s a little bit tough to reach, however you" ll reach it after a couple of shots. Ground extra pound it and afterwards want to the opposite of this framework for an additional (11/0) Mumbo Symbol being secured by one of those big pipeline enemies.The TNT from the 2nd crane will certainly have gone down right into the ground, however if you passed away in the engine

space, then you "ll need to make it go down once more. This is simple, however, so it"s not mosting likely tobe as well tiresome. Inside is Employer Boom Box, a huge TNT box that divides right into smaller sized ones- and more-upon being beat. Care for him the very easy method as well as usage gold plumes to blow up via every one of his little kinds, then take his( 07/10 )Jiggy on your own. Climb up a ladder back up to the deck and also relocate in the direction of the front of the ship.A bridge leads from the initial smokestack(the one that causes the engine space)to the 2nd, as well as it has a couple of( 078/100)

Notes on it. Most likely to the extremely front of the ship as well as take one more (12/0)Mumbo Symbol prior to going into another air vent. This will certainly take you to the cooking area, which has a sporadic quantity of( 083/100 )Notes as well as one (13/0) Mumbo Symbol in the stove; if you "d choose not to take damages when getting it, utilize gold plumes . Or else, the stove will just harm you for one honeycomb.A little before the 2nd smokestack is a whistle device with 2(085/100 )Notes on each side of it. To utilize the equipment properly, placed in the numbers 312111 to make a(08/10 )Jiggy fly from it. From there, relocate and also climb up the 2nd smokestack along the pathways in between both heaps to accumulate even more (093/100 )Notes. By shock leaping to the tops of both smokestacks, you"ll locate a(14/0 )Mumbo Symbol and also a(09/10 )Jiggy. There are 2 last areas to dig with, the very first of which is the captain"s quarters near the front of the ship.

Try to find an additional breakable home window on the appropriate side (by the air vent to the cooking area )and also you "ll listen to the acquainted jingle of a Quit "n"Swop product. This time around, you" ll discover the (6/7 )Red Egg. There are a couple of even more(096/100)Notes on the ground, as well as the(10/10) Jiggy remains in what can just be a shower. Damage the door open as well as beat the pipeline adversary to reach it. Ultimately , try to find a home window on the left side of the ship to discover the navigating space, where you"ll locate the last 4(100/100 )Notes and also a(15/0 )Mumbo Symbol.

Gruntilda "s Burrow Back in the burrow, swim back an area( in the direction of the internet area )and also choose up the brand-new( 09/10 )Jiggy that generated from the Rusty Container Bay button. In this exact same space are a couple of walksthat cause one more Note door. Travel through it as well as make use of gold plumes to knock right into some horrible branches to damage them. Completion of this little passage homes the problem for Click Clock Timber,the last globe in the video game. Brentilda is additionally right here; she"s concealing behind a huge visit the left side of the space. To proceed, climb up right into the

trees in this area and also copulate throughout to discover a button. As soon as you "ve pushed it, enter into the little passage loaded with eggs simply to obtain a Mumbo Symbol, then head back and also go down right into the lawn. In between 2 trees is a well-hidden cavern with a red cauldron in it, which will certainly send you back to the space within the huge pipeline extremely early right into the lair.Follow the water from the pipeline down below as well as swim with a passage to get to the challenge for Click Clock Timber. Brentilda is additionally right here, so speak to her again as well as check out the space for an additional Mumbo Symbol. Complete the challenge, then go back to the red cauldron to reach the entry to Click Clock Timber.