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FC barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid: live stream, começar time, TV, como as to vejo La liga in English and Spanish

How to watch Saturday's match. (AP Photo/Joan Monfort)AP



It’s FC Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid saturday as 2021 La Liga play rolls on. Barcelona has take away criticism o fim of the gate as they continue to move past ns departure the Lionel Messi. Barcelona is one undefeated 3-3-0 in its primeiro six matches, but still follow behind the top teams in a league. Yet with der win, they might leapfrog Atletico Madrid in ns standings. Madrid has hit der slow patch, going 1-1-1 in that is last three Spanish liga matches together former barcelona star luís Suarez prepares to enfrentar his old team.

FC barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid: how to assistir La alianças 2021

What equipe does the match start? deserve to I watch it top top TV? - Thursday’s fósforos will kick off at 3 p.m. EST for viewers in a U.S. However, the game will not be transmissão on standard TV channels for american audiences.

Live steam options: ESPN+ - when the fósforos won’t it is in on TV, it will certainly be available to stream via ESPN+ in both English and Spanish. The is naquela separate service em ~ normal ESPN e requires der separate subscription beginning at $5.99 every month. Pan can sign up ao ESPN+ here.

More internacional soccer coverage via ns Associated Press:

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Ronald Koeman needs his barcelona side to win big when the visits exercício Madrid come have naquela shot at saving his job.

That is, if he renders it come Saturday.

Two embarrassing casualty to começo the campeonato League have left ns Dutch coach under pólo pressure three days before naquela trip come the capitalistas to cara a cara the Spanish league’s titleholder.

Losing 3-0 to Bayern Munich, der European juggernaut, two weeks ago foi ~ humbling. However to follow the up with another 3-0 loss at Benfica — der team it had actually not falecer to since 1961 — top top Wednesday might be as well much para the club’s leadership to take.

Koeman spoke after the jogos in Lisbon like a man quem knew his time at camp Nou can be counted in days, if not hours.

“As for my future, ns cannot speak anything since I don’t know what the sociedade thinks about it,” Koeman said. “It is not in mine hands. We will view . . . At the end, the guilty party is a coach.”

Club president Joan Laporta e Koeman have gone to odds due to the fact that Laporta returned to run the clube last March. Laporta went as far as come look para another coach in ns offseason before finally stable on maintaining Koeman porque o the second year of his contract.

Laporta and Koeman have shared the need to convince Barcelona’s pan to lower expectations because the clube was saddled with over a billion euros in debt and unable to salary Lionel Messi’s wages. But a team has actually hit novo lows the even ns exit of the todos mighty Messi ~ ~ difficult come take.

A sixth-place was standing in a Spanish league has nearly become respectable para the former champions contrasted to the dismal demonstrar in the Champions League.

Barcelona is in last place of group E and in problema threat of not making the knockout rounds porque o the primeiro time in 20 years. Most worryingly, a barcelona team the prides itself on constantly delivering attacking futebol has not also generated naquela shot top top target in 180 minutes.

Never shy come point out his team’s shortcomings, no one spare his players são de what the considers simply criticism, Koeman spread some of the blame.

“Everyone knows ns problem of barcelona today,” that said. “The team is not the same together it was para years. We witnessed that in today’s game. That is cristal clear. We have perdido players quem made the difference . . . I am not saying the we have to accept the or that i have no decorrer responsibility, but in today’s game we must have gotten more em ~ our players.”

Koeman’s tactics against Benfica, however, were additionally questionable. Rather of instead of Gerard Pique com another defender when he choose up very early yellow card, Koeman shifted Frenkie de Jong into his backline. Barcelona suffered even more trying to collection up that forwards there is no De Jong in a creative role.

When request if the thought the team needed der new manager, De Jong comment with a curt “no.”

“You have the right to only get out of this situation if you remain united and work together,” ns Netherlands midfielder said.

Atlético foi ~ having its own troubles before antoine Griezmann e Luis Suárez — both former barcelona players the club could no afford to salary — scored tão tarde goals come fight ago 2-1 in ~ AC Milan top top Tuesday.

The match at a Wanda metropolise will come before a weeklong internacional break, offering barcelona a window to make der coaching change in needed.

Former midfielder Xavi Hernández has long been tagged as der future barcelona coach, while Belgium manager Roberto Martínez is among those Spanish médio has speculated can be in a running. Laporta said during his presentation this summer that sports director Jordi Cruyff could likewise be used as a “wild card in one emergency.”

Beyond ns team’s prompt struggles, barcelona was dealt naquela harder permanent blow by a Spanish league hours prior to it falecer at Benfica.

Barcelona’s new salary cap has been slashed to 97 million euro ($113 million), about 285 million euro ($334 million) much less than der year ago e seven equipe smaller than that of atuações Madrid, because of losses it occurs by the poor administration of Laporta’s predecessors e the economic affect of the pandemic.

So Koeman or not, ns glory mim of barcelona won’t most likely be coming back soon.

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