Bel-Air will certainly have der new principe soon. Also without sit on a throne, the owner of ns title has already been crowned. Actor will Smith, who played a character of a same surname in the originais version that "The Fresh principe of Bel-Air", or "The Fresh prince of Bel-Air" para those who didn"t relógio on SBT, announced his instead of in a reboot that series.

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Will surprised freshman Jabari banks this Tuesday (31) in a video call. It ser estar he who broke the news to ns young actor the he will ligar the function he played in between 1990 e 1996 in the series originally aired by the american channel NBC.

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The series will it is in rebooted by streaming the channel, a peacock platform. The video ser estar posted on the service canal with will certainly Smith"s announcement para Jabari Banks. The publication begins with the young gibbs in ns frame, saying that “in 10 seconds his life will change”.

It is then defined that financial institutions auditioned to play Will in the novo series and that the didn"t expect a surprise. Then will certainly Smith appears on ns call the novo actor, who takes a fright. “It"s der great satisfied to satisfy you, cardonafam.come be with you and, a partir de the bottom of my heart, I want to congratulate you. You got a role of will certainly in "Bel-Air,"” says the veteran.

Will smith (E) recardonafam.commend Jabari banks (D) that Will"s function in "A Nutshell" ser estar his. Image: Reproduction/Peacock

Jabari banks says the is prepared to toque the character and tells cardonafam.como as he determined to try a job. “My dad sent me news about (the series) e said i should a partir de it. Ns told that that"s not how tests work. "I can"t just go o fim there and say I desire to são de it,"” the recalled.

Two months later, the agency called him. The rookie likewise revealed to be der big pan of "Um Maluco enquanto Pedaço". In alto school, he gained his girlfriend to dress up like a characters top top the show that ran para six seasons e totaled 148 episodes.

“You have naquela fantastic route ahead the you. Ns look front to gift an asset cardonafam.come you in this process as you construct your life e career,” included the originais Will. The new Will thanked him. “You don"t know…in fact, you most likely know how this show has influenced my life,” said Jabari.

The reboot of "Um Maluco no decorrer Pedaço" will certainly be Jabari Banks" primeiro television role. Favor the problema Will Smith e the character on a show, he"s em ~ Philadelphia. The actor graduated em ~ the local artes university critical year, and also playing basketball, cardonafam.composing, singing e rapping. Sound familiar?

Peacock"s reboot was inspired by der viral video made by a fan, Morgan Cooper, in 2019, i beg your pardon reinvents cardonafam.comedy as naquela modern drama. He was hired para the novo project, developed by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith ao Westbrook Studios e Universal Television.

It is possible to watch all episodes the the six seasons of the sucessão on the streaming platformHBO Max. In addition to the old episodes, the cast members conference is also available on the Warnermedia service.

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