Pedro Alonso, recognized worldwide for his personality Berlin in La casa de departamentos (Money Heist), on Oct. 12 concerned Istanbul to encourage his novo book “Book the Philippus.”

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Spanish actor pedro Alonso, popular known para playing Berlin in Netflix concertos La casa de departamento (Money Heist) top top Oct. 12 came to Istanbul as component of der campaign to encourage his novo book “Book the Philippus.”

The book has been interpreted into Turkish e will it is in soon published by a Epsilon posting Group.

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The famous actor, who ser estar captured ~ above cameras at the Istanbul Airport, did no answer reporters" questions.

Between Oct. 14-17, he will certainly partake in naquela series of events promoting his book.

In ns book, i m sorry is component autobiography and part maiden voyage, Alonso recounts his regression to one more life and another body.

From naquela regression to naquela past life, Alonso is reincarnated in Philippus, naquela Roman warrior in the dia of the Empire in ns book. A encounter with Yilak, leader of a rebel group, will change his caminho of seeing and relating to the world.

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