Hi good friends, this is Blade as well as Heart Change overview for the brand-new gamers, just how to acquire attire. Attires are trendy things that personalities can use, like apparel and also headwear. em An additional overview: course and also race overview. solid h2 What is Clothes solid h2 1) Attires have statistics that put on personalities when they're possessed, also if they aren't put on. br 2) Nevertheless, statistics from Intrigue Clothes just use when put on. 3) Sneak peek Clothing or see which ones you possess with the Closet. p ① Faucet from the primary display, faucet Personality, then touch Closet div style="text-align: center" cardonafam.com div style="text-align: center" div ⑤ Products for Crafting Clothes p -- Layouts: Certain clothing styles can be gotten by beating dungeon managers. p