In "Flesh and also Rock", the Medical professional recognizes the fracture in time coincides as the split on Amy"s wall surface. At the end of the episode, he recognizes it"s her - Amy.

Medical professional - "It"s you! It"s everything about you! Whatever. It"s concerning you!

Physician - "Amy Fish Pond ... Mad, difficult Amy Fish pond. I put on"t understand why, I have no suggestion, however rather perhaps the solitary crucial point in the background of deep space is that I obtain you figured out now!

What I wish to know is what are the "2 factors precede as well as time", and also what have they reached perform with Amy?

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OK, I know this is a little bit of a "non response" however it"s worth including so to rule it out.

From Tardis Wiki (focus mine)

The moment area was a body of time power that splashed from fractures in the textile of time and also area. The splits were developed by the Silence when they exploded the Medical professional"s TARDIS on 26 June 2010 , as a way of avoiding the Physician from getting to Trenzalore and also responding to the moment Lords" message which was sent out with the identical fractures the Silence produced when they exploded the TARDIS. (TELEVISION: The Moment of the Physician)

There is no reference of Amy, or that the fractures have anything to do with Amy in all.

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2 factors precede as well as time that ought to never ever have actually touched.

Picture space-time as an airplane. 2 factors are divided by a huge range, and also yet they are touching in some way. Consider this as resembling a wormhole.

These splits were brought on by the surge of the TARDIS. Hence, the surge resulted in numerous moments as well as area touch when they shouldn"t have actually been.

These are connected to Amy since the surge occurs in Amy"s timeline as stated in this quote from Flesh and also Rock

PHYSICIAN: The day. The day of the surge, where the split starts. RIVER: As well as for those people that can"t reviewed the base code of deep space?(26 06 2010) MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL: Amy"s time.

This link exists due to the fact that the Silents take a trip back in time led by Madam Kovarian, as well as trigger the TARDIS to take off.

The incident of the occasion in Amy"s time along-with his initial experience with the Fracture leads him to think it is everything about Amy.

Which in the long run comes to life(kinda ... sorta ...) Since the occasions even more are all regulated by Amy"s individual life(Intrusion of the warm Italians, the Pandorica and so on).