House" Assassin"s Creed Odyssey" Attika Cultist Place-- Where is Eyes of Kosmos Cultist in A/c Odyssey

The Attika Cultist belongs of the Eyes of Kosmos branch of the a/c Odyssey Kosmos cult. He's the 3rd one in the Eyes of Kosmos branch, as well as he is undoubtedly concealing someplace in Attika. Nevertheless, gamers have actually been having difficulty locating the Attika Cultist place in air conditioning Odyssey, since he's in fact concealing behind a details pursuit. Because this is the significant concern, our A/c Odyssey Attika Eyes of Kosmos Cultist place overview will certainly likewise reveal you exactly how to open the Attika Cultist.

Exactly How to Open Eyes of Kosmos Attika Cultist Area in A/c Odyssey?

To open the Attika Cultist of the Eyes of Kosmos branch of the cult, you'll initially need to open the A Life's Worth side mission in Attika. It, consequently, opens after you have actually finished 2 additional side pursuits in Attika: On a High Steed and also Heitor's Gon na Hate (yes, that's truly what it's called). These 2 pursuits unlock after you have actually advanced much sufficient with the tale, so maintain inspecting Attika to see what's brand-new. The side pursuits will certainly be noted with a gold exclamation mark.

You can begin Heitor's Gon na Dislike in the Abandoned Farmlands location in the northeast of Attika. After you speak to Heitor, the video game will certainly lead you to Rhamnous Armed Force Camp where a buddy of his is being held detainee. Launch him and also comply with the following pursuit pen to the coastline listed below. You can manage it from there.


Where to Locate Attika Cultist-- A/c Odyssey Eyes of Kosmos

The Attika Cultist from the Eyes of Kosmos branch, called The Master, is concealing in ordinary view in the Silver Hill area, in the south of Attika. That's the area in between Phaleron Sandy Bay and also Cape Sounion. He's mosting likely to remain in the south of the hill itself, in a tiny encampment near the Lavrio Silver Mine. He's using a blue chiton with gold under, a gold belt, as well as a brownish shoulder cover. Talk with him, as well as throughout the discussion, he'll allow slide that he belongs to the cult. You need to speak with him initially, sadly; you can not simply eliminate him right of the bat.

The Master is an awful individual, as well as the video game makes it as clear as you can think of. He's a servant proprietor, and also a weaselly other that declines to launch a servant that has actually spent for his liberty. Not just that, yet he'll require that you eliminate an innocent female for the cult to launch him. After you talk with The Master, Sokrates will certainly involve you in a fast ethical conversation. If you determine that all individuals are equivalent, you'll have the ability to eliminate The Master, which you definitely should. Do not neglect to verify the kill.

Elpenor Eyes of Kosmos Cultist

Elpenor is mosting likely to be among the very first cultists you're mosting likely to eliminate and also satisfy. He belongs of the tale mission Serpent in The Turf, which basically leads you to uncovering the cult itself. You need not bother with locating/ missing out on Elpenor; the video game will certainly lead you right to him. Essentially, he's concealing in a give in the southwest of the Valley of the Serpent location, in the Phokis area, simply southern of the Satyr's Break synchronization area. The location you're seeking is Serpent Holy place. For even more thorough information, take a look at our Locate Elpenor Place in Phokis overview.

Where to Locate Sotera Cultist Area

The 2nd Eyes of Kosmos cultist in the branch is Sotera. The hint informs you that Sotera remains in her storehouse in Megaris. We without a doubt located her in Megaris. Especially, in Port of Nisaia, which remains in the southeast of the Valley of King Lelex. She has black hair as well as wear a simple brownish chiton. So, make certain to utilize Ikaros to label her if essential. Bear in mind that she'll likely be bordered with bodyguards that will certainly intend to eliminate you quite. Workout care, as well as ensure to validate the kill.

Hermippos Cultist in A/c Odyssey-- Where to Discover?

To discover Hermippos of the Eye of Kosmos, you'll need to go to Greater Athens, near the Hephaistos holy place, as the idea informs you. The Holy place of Hephaistos remains in the northwest location of Greater Athens, an area in Attika. We located Hermippos oversleeping among the side spaces of the holy place. He uses a light blue chiton, has grey hair, and also looks rather rough in the face. Excpect that the Holy place of Hephaistos will certainly be abounding adversaries to make your life harder.

Midas Eyes of Kosmos Cultist

Midas is hiding in the city of Argos, in the Argolis area. We discovered him in the dead facility of the city, simply to the southern the Holy place of Poseidon synchronization place. He was flanked with difficult bodyguards, so do not come close to Midas gently. He has long, grey hair, and also puts on a blue-and-purple chiton with a deep purple toga. He likewise uses an environment-friendly wreath on his head. Be cautious of his guards, as well as always remember to verify the kill.

Nyx the Darkness Eyes of Kosmos Sage Place

Nyx the Darkness is the head of the Eyes of Kosmos. You can introduce her after you have actually eliminated every one of the various other 5 from the branch. We discovered her in the southeast of Greater Athens, in Attika. Make certain to make use of the pursuit pen to locate her, as she can wander around. She puts on a black headband, a black chiton, and also brownish bags. Oddly sufficient, she really did not have any kind of bodyguards around her, which just makes your work less complicated. Nonetheless, she is a little bit harder to defeat in a battle than the remainder of her staff.

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